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Sep 14, 2018, 6 tweets

THREAD: 3 weeks ago I had emergency abdominal surgery. My gallbladder was rupturing. Not my fault, but if the current administration gets its way, insurance companies & others could discriminate against me for it. This is why we must #StopKavanaugh. This is #WhatsAtStake. (contd)

A family friend, 22 years old, recently suffered from a depressive episode. She attempted to take her own life and ended up in the hospital. Now she has a history of mental illness that, if not protected, could impact insurability. We must #StopKavanaugh. This is #WhatsAtStake.

My oldest niece is 12. When she was a baby, she had severe asthma. Her parents once woke at 3 AM to find her barely breathing. She is fine, but she has a preexisting condition that could make her uninsurable if the Trump administration gets its way. #WhatsAtStake #StopKavanaugh

My dad has cancer. My mom has depression. My brother has asthma. My aunt had a heart attack, and she is thin and eats healthy! My sister-in-law has BRCA1 and BRCA2. My BFF has migraines. My other BFF has anxiety. ALL OF THEM could become uninsurable. #WhatsAtStake #StopKavanaugh

I'm telling you these intimate details in hopes you will see we all have pre-existing conditions. We do not get to sit this battle out. Call your senators, even if they are R. Insist they vote NO on Kavanaugh. And most importantly, VOTE in November. #WhatsAtStake #StopKavanaugh

Finally, for the policymakers reading this: If you are going to be pro-life, BE PRO-LIFE. That means you honor every person, not just those who can afford your policies. It means you honor life at all stages and under all conditions. Otherwise, drop your hypocrisy and go away.

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