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Sep 15, 2018, 8 tweets

1/ #Telfam So I found some information on this website that supports Vodacom/M-PESA partnership further.


This is a list of countries and who they are a remittance corridor for. Thanks world bank! Out of space.. on to the next tweet in the thread...

2/As per the roadmap, only 2 of the 5 countries targeted in Africa are considered to be corridors (Cash-in). That would be Tanzania and Kenya. The other three are (Cash-out): Algeria, Tunisia, Ugansa. Now pay attention to who they are Cashing out to.(Keep Rwanda in mind too)

3/ So as you can see from the images who is being remitted from and too and interestingly enough. All of them are remitting to each other. Either cash-in or cash out of the countries.(Except Algeria and Tunisia but we'll get back to them in a bit) Let's dive a bit deeper.

4/ Keep following #Telfam. So now we know where the money is going but HOW is it getting there. Oh! Great question. Let's click some links, we'll start with Kenya first. The second image is Kenya to Uganda. Look at that M-PESA!

5/ #Telcoin fans now we are on to Tanzania.
Remit to Kenya image.

Bonus, round. Notice that all countries from the roadmap aren't covered? Check out the next tweet.

6/ So! The other two countries aren't sending or receiving cash from anywhere it looks like. Well. Let's flip the search around from sender's to receivers.
France sends money there, through banks primarily. Good thing Telcoin is trying to get a bank license there.

7/ #Telfam I know this is long. Last one promise!

Fancy that! France again and Italy..hmm Italy. Let's see what Alix has to say.

That's it for me ladies and gents.


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