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Yezidis are ethno-religious group.1 of the world oldest religions. #YezidiGenocide #YazidiKidnapped #YazidiPlight

Sep 15, 2018, 8 tweets

Yezidis are ethno religious group one of the oldest religions in the world.
Yezidis were millions before 74 Genocide campaigns by Muslims and last one has been ongoing since 2014.
Today Yezidis all around the world are about 1,000,000.

According to Informal statements Yezidis all around the world are more than 1 million.
Most of Yezidis live in Iraq.
About 500,000 live in Iraq and around 250,000 live in Germany.
Yezidis origins return to Mesopotamia which r Iraq ,Syria and turkey.

45% of Yezidis in Mesopotamia have left their origin land and become migrants in Russia,Georgia,Armenia because of Genocide campaigns by ottomans in the last centuries.
Many Yezidis in Syria and turkey emigrated to Germany,Sweden and EU countries because of war,conflicts....

War,conflicts between Kurds and Arabs,Kurds and Turks were the reason why Yezidis had to leave.
Beside that Syrian govmt didn’t recognize Yezidis as a religion and didn’t give them any rights.
The economical situation of #Yezidis became too bad because of wars and conflicts.

In Iraq the biggest reason why Yezidis left their #Ezidxan was the last Genocide in 2014 when ISIS commit #YazidiGenocide .
+100,000 Yezidi left Iraq to Eu countries,America,Canada,Australia.
There was always persecution & crimes against Yezidis even before 2014 but Genocide....

2007 when AlQaeda committed a Genocide against Yezidis many of them have left and 2014 ISIS committed a Genocide which has been ongoing many others left.
Kurdish abd iraqi govmt persecute Yezidis.
Kurds impose their identity on Yezidis while Saddam imposed Arabic identity on them

Yezidis don’t trust Iraqi and Kurdish govmt this is an important reason to leave.
Yezidis in Russia are about 50,000,
In Georgia and Armenia each land about 30,000,
In turkey about 5000,
In Syria abt 30000
Abt 6000 in America
In Sweden abt 15,000
30000 in different countries like

Australia,Ukraine,Mexico,Canada Norway,France,Holland,Italy,Switzerland,Croatia,Greece,Spain and Portugal.
How they left?
Airplanes (formal)
Overland (with smuggler abd paid money)
Or through sea
As we have seen Aegean Sea which was used by Yezidis from Syria and iraq to emigrate

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