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Sep 16, 2018, 19 tweets

1. #QAnon "3x b4 Mueller appt, & once after, FBI & DOJ swore to FISA court that there's probable cause Trump campaign were complicit in Russia’s cyber-op against 2016 election", BUT Lisa Page has now testified to Congress: "FBI NEVER had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion". #Q

2. #QAnon Also, as there was no evidence of 'Collusion' PRIOR TO MUELLER appointment, then, why did we need a special prosecutor?"…📁


3. #QAnon The [House] depositions..~70.. need to be..before election..put out for American people to review, so that..they can see..there are answers to those questions..full transparency..I expect to make available."…📁

4. #QAnon Why would [3] Democrat Congressmen attend private dinner w/ Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who is considered the [#1 state sponsor of terrorism] in 2013?
>>Rep Keith Ellison (Minnesota)
>>Rep Andre Carson (Indiana)
>>Rep Gregory Meeks (New York)
>>Louis Farrakhan

6. #QAnon (#2179) Why'd United States Secret Service give HUSSEIN (POTUS44) the codename [RENEGADE]?
A synonym for Renegade is 'Traitor'.
Define 'Traitor':
1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

7. In contrast to (6.), #QAnon (#2177) shares a link to Admiral Rogers' Oath of Office for NSA employees in honor of U.S. Constitution Day, 2015. 📁

8. #QAnon's above post referenced in (7.) is inspirational, swearing to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies..domestic! #Q

9. #QAnon @GenFlynn Inspires! "Service to America requires us today, and tomorrow, to stand together as Champions of Freedom, and Soldiers of Liberty who are on the right side of history. Anthing less cannot be tolerated if our country is to survive!!” #Q

10. #QAnon @GenFlynn “Patrick Henry a Great Patriot who understood service to America..that his choice against Great Britain’s supression of freedoms was crystal clear...’Almighty God I know not what choice others will make, but as for me: Give me liberty or give me death!’” #Q

11. #QAnon @GenFlynn “‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction’..the urgency to act is at the doosrstep of democracy, the future of this country depends on each one of you..the heart and soul of the USA..!” #Q

12. #QAnon @GenFlynn “Stand ready to FIGHT for our way of life and our traditions.." #Q

13. #QAnon's reference to Nunes' interview on Fox was posted 1 minute before @realDonaldTrump's tweet of the same.


14. An anon noted that the post ID number for #QAnon's previous post ended with "911". #Q's responds, "FOR THEM!"

15. #QAnon told us 9/10/18 that the technology used to censor social media can't read memes, then on 9/11-13 FB announced it will use AI tool (Rosetta) to read meme text & use 3rd party "fact-checker". #DeepState panicking? #Q

16. #QAnon The EBS text 9/20 will enable @POTUS to communicate w/us directly bypassing #fakenews, or, e.g., twitter takedown. Special auth requires "the football", briefcase with op instructions for Emergency Broadcast System.…… #Q

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18. Expand your Eye-Q to unroll this #QAnon thread here:

19. Huma ran and Lindsey got on board? 100K views yet?

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