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Sep 17, 2018, 21 tweets

#StolenValor Thread. Disclaimer: All information were found using information online, the person’s Twitter feed, genealogy records, American War Library, and United States Congressional Records.

Recently, after a recent controversy, a user named alien64bit told us to “Be my guest” in figuring out who he is after attacking and calling a veteran a “whore” (@TMGiarratano) and an OIF veteran (@DD214_IG) "a twitter punk."

So let’s investigate his claims.
20 year AND Brigadier General (O-7) in the USMC

Special Forces Marines bragging about doing double taps

First I started off with his biography which has a link to a website that he put in there.

Here we look at the website and I see this. There’s a contact form. What does that say.

Then I put in “Robert Trbovich” alien64bit on Google.

I searched “Trbovich” on Twitter with his Twitter name attached

Of course while he's boasting about being a retired Brig General, he gives out his first name, Robert, freely.

We found that he had a dog named “Max”. archive.li/QqslU

What's the relevance of the dog, Max? Well his wife posted this on her Facebook account.

I went to My Heritage (myheritage.com) and found that there is a Robert Trbovich in Ontario Oregon (based on the above tweet) with his birthday in December and he is currently 62 years old which matches the tweet.

I searched on the American War Library to see if a Robert Trbovich did serve in the military. There was no such person listed.

The last step is the United States Congressional Records office which is here at congress.gov In order to be promoted to Brigadier General, you must be nominated to and approved by Congress. No Robert Trbovich.

There’s also the other issue of claiming to be O-7 after 20 years in the USMC. Well, that’s extremely difficult to advance that fast with how the nomination system works. John Kelly made O-7 in 2001 (26 years) and Mattis in 1998 (also 26 years).

The Marines does not have a “Special Forces”. MARSOC is the only SOCOM unit and they got their start in 2006. They are not “Special Forces” but rather “SOF”.

Conclusion: Blatant fake. The only command he has ever held was in a portapotty. He’s not worth the time FOIAing because there’s nothing to indicate that anything he claims is even remotely real. The only honest thing he gave was his age which narrowed things down a lot.

By the way, Robert, military records are NOT sealed and unattainable by civilians. The Freedom of Information Act allows ANYONE to FOIA any military personnel minus their PII.

If you want to laugh some more at Robert, he claims that he can't talk about his service because he is under an NDA.

What? Was it something I said, Robert?

Feel free to retweet the Black Dynamite tweet. Thank you everyone for reading. #StolenValor

Most if not all of the tweets that I used against Trbovich has been deleted by him. He also took down his blog. You do know that I archived your tweets and website, Robert? You can't delete these.

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