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Sep 19, 2018, 14 tweets

I am angry & heartbroken for anyone who has ever been dismissed like #ChuckGrassley is dismissing #ChristineBlaseyFord and her very serious allegations, in order to rush a vote for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.

So, I wrote a letter to @senjudiciary.

Contacting members of the committee was hard. I got MANY responses from senators that they only will hear from their state’s constituents.

So I ask you all, if you live in a state with a Senator on Judiciary, please contact them.


Dear members of the Senate Judiciary:

September 2018 is 27 years after Anita Hill and we see the same despicable thing is about to happen. Today, #ChuckGrassley said that the FBI will not do further investigation...

...into Judge Kavanaugh or the claims made by Dr. Blasey-Ford and that ONLY Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford will testify. Why is that?

We are well into the #MeToo Movement, yet Senators #Grassley and #Hatch, who were both part of the Hill hearing, seem to have not been paying attention. Women have a voice!

Statically, only 40% of rape or attempted rapes are reported. Of that 40%, less then 2% are deemed false AFTER investigation.

Senators are not equipped to handle this type of investigation, as was seen in the absurd questioning of Anita Hill many years ago. Questions such as “Why did you wait so long to come forward” undoubtedly will be asked.


Those kinds of questions are exactly why women don’t come forward. Because we are already under a cloud of shame and embarrassment.


At minimum the witness that was in the room at the time, Dr. Blasey-Ford’s husband and her therapist also need to testify. Mark Judge, polygraph results and any others identified through investigation should also be heard from.


As a Committee, the majority is under scrutiny, yet they are not doing their proper due diligence. This screams of more scandal and coverup.


While I realize that the WH or AG Jeff Sessions must give the directive to the FBI, I’m also aware #SenatorGrassley can make such a request. Which leaves me scratching my head as to why in the world he wouldn’t want to do more investigation.


Without investigation, it becomes he said, she said. This is not a criminal matter & boils down to poor optics & a person’s opinion. Therein lies the problem, because we already know #Kavanaugh perjured himself re: Miranda emails. We know there are years of records missing.

We the people depend on the Senate Judiciary Committee to perform their duty since we only vote for Congress and not SCOTUS. They are the guardrails our founding father's put into place.

Thank you for your time.


So do me a favor, if you live in a state with a senator on #Judiciary, please email them. Email addresses on their websites.

This is a major lack of ethics and it’s important they hear from as many of us as possible.

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