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Sep 19, 2018, 14 tweets

Funny how the four of these Congressional members

change their all the time about having information

released. @AdamSchiffCA @senchuckschumer

@MarkWarner @NancyPelosi you are all skating on a very

fine line.


Here is their full letter released yesterday September 18,


Look who’s signature is on this letter from 2016.

@MarkWarner what do you have to say about this?

@POTUS any comments?

This is what the are all afraid of! The House Cards is

going to come down!





Mr. @POTUS please use your hidden Executive Order.


Someone is going to #GITMO!

@POTUS #DeclassifyAllTheFISAdocs!

Enjoy The Show!

From the Anons on the Boards.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a normie would think, but

in this case where Democrats are now firmly opposed to

transparency on muh Russia (after having supported

declassification post the 2016 election, pic related) , most

fair-minded people are going to conclude there’s a

coverup of criminal activity.

Wrong side of history.

When this is over the World will realize that #FISAGate is

even bigger then Watergate was!



They are scared because they know exactly what is

coming their way. We as followers of #QAnon have known

since January that the declassification of the FISA docs

would happen eventually. We’ve just been patiently

waiting. Check this status out.

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