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Sep 19, 2018, 19 tweets


Please help Mississippi #FlipitBlue

Spread the word. Keep Neanderthals like McDaniel out of Senate.

We know what some of you think about Mississippi, but hang in here with me for a minute & see if you change your mind.

Mississippi has many highly educated, intelligent, and extremely talented people.

MS has more rewarded, honored, and revered writers than any other state in the nation.

The FIRST heart transplant, the FIRST lung transplant, & the FIRST kidney autotransplant were ALL performed in ... you guessed it, MISSISSIPPI.

Even the most utilized medical physiology textbook was written in Mississippi by a Mississippian.


Believe it or not, we have that too.

And ... come on ... what would everyone listen to if we hadn’t had created America’s unique music?

Sure, you may think we talk funny but even now the world takes our music very seriously.

Just check out another of our innovators:

Lest you think we only excel in the arts...

Think again.


We are so many things.

Check out a few of our politicians and judges.

I’m hoping my little message has shown you that we shouldn’t be dismissed offhand.

But in case it didn’t, remember this: whoever MS elects goes to Washington and affects YOU just like they affect US.

Just look at the Neanderthal who COULD wind up in the US Senate

Mississippi has 2 Democrats running for 2 DIFFERENT US Senate seats & several Dems running for US House. Help help elect @espyforsenate & @dbaria for US Senate. @JerameyForMS @BennieGThompson & @Wadkins2018 for US House!

Help MS #FlipitBlue

Because #TheResistanceVOTES

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