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Sep 19, 2018, 10 tweets

From President Trump's extended interview transcript with @jsolomonReports and @BuckSexton

Mueller has bad intentions, is Comey's best friend, is mad about a business dustup and mad he got passed over for FBI head. Then he gets made Special Counsel the next day? #WitchHunt

He’s conflicted, out. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted."


(Trump stops the interview to give a private remark regarding Comey, then restarts the interview trashing Comey hard lol)

"This is on the record. Funny thing about Comey is that everybody hated Comey" 😂😂😂 I love this President

"To show you how horrible and political it is, in fact naively, when I fired him, I said, ‘Finally I’m going to do something in a bipartisan way.’"

lol poor Trump, "Finally, I will get good press!"

Fake News:

"Trump firing who we just said should be fired yesterday is illegal"

And here is the big problem the fake news media and the DNC don't understand. You can't just tell people for months Comey should be fired and then say the next day "no he was good" You can't say there was collusion for two years then pretend it doesn't matter. People don't forget

On the media's shifting narrative of his mental health. How can he be both? lol

"‘he’s losing it,’ and the next week they went into, ‘He’s the most brilliant mind. He’s taking over the country. He’s a fascist, he’s a dictator, and he’s gonna make the eight years into life.’ OK."

"I said wait a minute, last week, I was incompetent and now, I’m, you know, taking over the world. OK? It’s incredible. It’s sick. But, the various narratives that they do are just so bad, they’re just so bad for the country. It’s just really so bad. "

When the President has to wonder whether or not it would take a 9/11 style national disaster or event to pull us together again you know it's bad. The fake news media is largely to blame for this by not reporting anything accurately or fairly about him.

"And just in finishing I was just gonna say that, so they like to say, chaos in the White House. You’re here. It’s running so beautifully."

"... everyone of my Cabinet members is doing great. I just have one group that’s not been good. You know what that group is"

lol DOJ /end

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