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Sep 20, 2018, 13 tweets

⚖️ 1. Let’s just get some FACTS straight about Kavanaugh because @SenFeinstein @SenWhitehouse @KamalaHarris @CoryBooker @SenatorLeahy @maziehirono @SenBlumenthal @amyklobuchar have been working overtime to lie

📌 @ChuckGrassley says allegations deserve serious attention.

2. 📌@SenFeinstein has refused to provide the Committee with the original letter even the @FBI copy provided is redacted #ConfirmKavanaugh

3. 📌@ChuckGrassley has offered FIVE different options for #ChristineBlaseyFord to testify including having his staff fly to California or wherever else she would like. @CNN @maddow @MSNBC

4. 📌 Apparently there was a closed door session of #KavanaughHearings that the Democrats chose not to attend!? Guess it only matters when the cameras are rolling. #ConfirmKavanaugh

5. 📌Kavanaugh came in Monday to testify under oath and NO DEMOCRATS ATTENDED why? Dr. Ford, Mark Judge and two other alleged witnesses are scheduled why isn’t anyone reporting that? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #ConfirmKavanaugh

6. Dr. Ford has until 10am Friday to respond. The entire letter can be read below, the press needs to stop lying which is a pipe dream but the least we can do is be informed of the facts.…

7. 📌 But but #AnitaHill was investigated by the @FBI TRUE but that is because at the time she was anonymous #WeBelieveChristine became public thus making it the sole responsibility of @senjudiciary AND even then the hearings were reopened FIVE DAYS LATER.…

8. 📌 Dr. Ford has had her counsel for many months🧐 So she certainly must be prepared and it also REALLY makes one wonder about how “painful” this entire planned attack has been (my words not Grassley)

9. The #MeToo attorneys have refused to speak with @ChuckGrassley office or investigators despite numerous phone calls and emails, perhaps they’re too busy doing TV interviews.…

10. 📌 #BrettKavanaugh made a statement though very few are sharing it. He says this is a false accusation, it never happened and he only learned knew about #ChristineBlaseyFord when her allegations came out. #IBELIEVEHIM #KavanaughStrong

11. @SenFeinstein is blatantly lying there ARE outside witnesses and SHE is withholding “facts” #ConfirmKavanaugh #MySisters…

12. My entire thread citing only government documents is marked as sensitive content WHY @ADL_National @CenDemTech @internetsehat @leslieberland @Derella @vijaya @nedsegal @TwitterSupport @realDonaldTrump @AjitPaiFCC @RepGoodlatte @Jim_Jordan this isn’t okay $TWTR @Twitter

You are being super lame $TWTR

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