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Sep 20, 2018, 16 tweets

1. #QAnon, in drop #2226, affirms an anon's query: Yes, James Baker former General Counsel for the FBI has turned State's evidence and is fully cooperating w the IG AND with a Federal Grand Jury. Comey's been silent lately because he knows he's going to be indicted! #Q

2. #QAnon responds within 1 minute to an anon noticing that the President's new tweet today, 13:39 was exactly 10 minutes after #Q's first post today, but POTUS had a prior, 1st tweet today in same minute as Q's 1st drop, 13:29.
"Ever wonder how that's possible?" #QProofs #QProof

3. An anon finds further connection & coordination between the President & #QAnon with a graph showing the correlation between @realDonaldTrump tweet activity & activity of #Q's drops across time.

4. #QAnon DiGenova on plot to exonerate HRC & frame DJT (above, 1.). There is more #PanicInDC now that James Baker's turned State's evidence with IG & grand jury's confrmed. #Q highlight's new role of NSA IG Storch in working w Huber in prosecuting Comey.

5. #QAnon Things are moving faster than we know, but the limited visibility of how fast things are moving "will soon change as public interest forces the sun to shine.
Why are we here?

6. #QAnon. It is very important to let your VOICES BE HEARD. Imagine the frustration if we weren't here communicating w/ you, about 2236 #Q drops in less than a year now. The #QArmy is many tens of millions strong.
Information is meant to be FREE.

7. #QAnon God bless our brave Patriots. #Q

8. #QAnon A Rosenstein removal would've delayed the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation. #Q…📁

"History will judge you well.

10. #QAnon New comms show FBI (Comey, Strzok, Page) didn't think there's evidence that Putin meddled in 2016 election to help candidate Trump or that they had enough intel to support Jan '17 "intel assessment". Priestap is cooperating. #Q

11. #QAnon Let all be safe at tonight's Vegas rally! #Q

12. #QAnon spots a VIP Patriot at tonight's rally. #Q

13. #QAnon
The President gives another #QProof tonight: UK and (Australia?) asking Trump not to declassify, but "it will all come out".

14. #QAnon notes VIP Patriot, @ColinSkow, in the front row got a VERY special greeting from @realDonaldTrump who pointed right at him and made a circle or "Q" with his 2 hands. #Q

15. Link(s) to most recent prior #QAnon thread are here:…

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