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Sep 22, 2018, 34 tweets

Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Reports indicate armed men opened fire during a military parade.
Casualties reported.

Seeking further confirmation.

Take into notice this could be a plot carried out by Iran's regime to depict itself as a victim of "terrorism."

Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Moments after what is said to be a "terrorist" attack where gunmen opened fire during a military parade.

Seeking further confirmation.

"Several gunmen began shooting from behind the stand during the parade. There are several killed and injured," a correspondent has reported told #Iran's state television.

Unknown men have reportedly opened fire on #Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) units during a military parade.
Reports indicate the bodyguard of the IRGC commander in Khuzestan Province (SW Iran) & a few others have been killed.

Reports indicate the attack lasted around 10 minutes & #Iran's state media are reporting 20 individuals have been wounded.

More images of today's "terrorist" attack in Ahvaz, southwest #Iran

My take:
This entire issue is very suspicious, especially prior to the #UNGA & the UN Security Council (to be chaired by Pres. Trump) where the mullahs' regime will be under enormous pressure.

New video of today's attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran.

Interesting how despite intense gunfire, some men are seen easily standing (as if they were informed beforehand?)

Again this entire issue seems extremely suspicious.


#Ahvaz, southwest #Iran
Reports indicate 8 members of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) & the bodyguard of IRGC commander in Khuzestan Province has been killed.
Reports also indicate two of the attackers were also killed.

#Ahvaz, southwest #Iran
A video showing the moment when gunmen began opening fire on a military parade.

#Iran's IRGC spokesman claims "terrorists" connected to the "al-Ahvazieh" terror group opened fire during parade in #Ahvaz.

Deputy governor of Khuzestan Province reports 10 people, including a journalist, have been killed & 21 wounded during today's "terrorist" attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran, according to the state-run Tasnim news agency.

Today's developments in #Ahvaz remind me of the so-called "ISIS attack" targeting #Iran's parliament & the mausoleum of former Iranian regime leader Ruhollah Khomeini.

When @JZArif tweets this about today's "terrorist" attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran, it is just the last nail in the coffin about this entire issue being a false flag operation.

Be prepared for the regime to launch attacks on innocent people inside Iran or abroad.

#Iran's state-run ISNA news agency posts this image of an IRGC member "courageously" helping a "wounded" boy after today's "terrorist" attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran.

I'm no expert but that doesn't look like blood to me.

#Ahvaz, southwest #Iran
Reuters reports "several people were killed and up to 20 wounded" while sources are citing deputy Khuzestan Province governor saying 11 people have died and more than 30 others are wounded.
Fatalities may rise, he added.

I believe this is one of the reasons behind today's "terrorist" attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran.

My opinion:
This was staged & the entire issue is a false flag operation.

Reuters citing #Iran's state-run ISNA news agency reporting over 60 people wounded during today's attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran.

IRNA, #Iran's officials news agency, is reporting 24 people have died in today's attack in #Ahvaz.

Unconfirmed reports indicate the attacks in #Ahvaz were wearing military clothing. #Iran's IRGC forces responded by opening fire, wounding many civilians as a result.
Shortly after the attack, IRGC units arrested a number of activists in Kut Abdollah & other districts of Ahvaz.


"Moscow was ready to boost joint efforts in the fight against terrorism"

Putin, who slaughtered the people of #Syria with his air power, is expressing condolences to another terrorist state: #Iran

More signs of a staged operation.

Even IF this is true, I believe #Iran's regime allowed/supported the #Ahvaz attack to then take full advantage.
Especially before the upcoming #UNGA & U.S. President Donald Trump planning to chair a UNSC session focusing on Tehran's belligerence.

#Iran's armed forces spokesman:
"4 attackers in #Ahvaz were associated to U.S. intel & Mossad. They were financed & armed in two Persian Gulf states, & trained & organized in these countries."

Clear signs of Tehran's #FakeNews/propaganda machine at work.

While #Iran's regime claims an anti-government group carried out today's #Ahvaz attack, this should make things even more interesting.

What are your thoughts @JZarif?


Recently obtained footage from #Ahvaz after today's attack.


Mojtaba Zolnour, a member of #Iran's parliament, says the #Ahvaz attack left 29 people killed & 57 wounded.
State TV reporting Colonel Omid Farakhi was among those killed.

Reports from #Ahvaz, SW #Iran, indicate security forces launching a mass arresting campaign targeting activists.
In some districts security forces have opened fire on young activists attempting to flee.

New obtained video showing moments of today's attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran.

When I see #Iran apologist/lobbyists such as @tparsi, @milanimohsen & @AliVaez tweeting about today's attack in #Ahvaz, I am even more convinced this is a false flag operation.
They warn about "war" & "Iran becoming another Syria."
(Parsi retweeting them simply blows their cover)

As I predicted firsthand, the #Ahvaz attack is nothing but a false flag operation for #Iran's regime to claim they're the "victim" of "terrorism" & "foreign countries" seeking to launch war against the "innocent people of Iran."

Thanks to @tparsi for proving me right.

Al-Ahvaz Organization administrative chief officially denies this entity's role in today's attack in #Ahvaz, southwest #Iran.
This is a pre-planned plot by the regime to pave the path for eradicating the people of Ahvaz, the official says.

According to this list, 25 people were killed in today's #Ahvaz attack in southwest #Iran.

5 IRGC members
2 IRGC Bassij members
11 classic army members
1 mullah
1 child of an army major
1 former military member
4 unclassified

(Seeking confirmation)

#Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei would've been better off not making a statement.
By doing so he is adding even more suspicion that the #Ahvaz attack is a false flag operation, indeed.

I accused Mohsen Milani of being an Iran regime apologist/lobbyist & playing the mullahs' game of claiming unrest will lead #Iran into becoming another #Syria.
He responded by blocking me.
Well, I rest my case.

I also debunked an article of his long ago.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion about Saturday's #Ahvaz attack in southwest #Iran.
Many people may disagree with my take.
That is fine.

I invite you to read this important thread by an expert, @ThomasWictor.

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