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Sep 22, 2018, 81 tweets

The first 151 Pokémon are all queer

Thread to follow

Bulbasaur: the green living quinoa eating vegan lezzie

Charmander: real soft gay boy who grow into a massive leather daddy

Squirtle: Bisexual boy dealing with a lot of toxic masculinity (he grew up in a gang)

Caterpie: trans girl, has known since she was a kid, absolutely blossoms outta highschool

Weedle: trans boy, has known since he was a kid, absolutely blossoms outta highschool

Pidgey: spunky pansexual whirlwind, has a good eye for fashion

Rattata: That gay guy who always uses teeth

Spearrow: Bi guy always on the move

Ekans: non binary hiss hiss

Pikachu: masc enby who not only doesn’t tolerate their Pokeball but doesn’t tolerate your gender binary

Sandshrew: shy nerdy demi girl

Nidoran ♀: grows to be a fucken badass Drag Queen

Nidoran♂ : grows to be a fucken badass Drag King

Clefairy: Party bisexual trans girl, rocks up at home at 3am with smudged eyeliner

Vulpix: a cute kid who goes through a lot of gender dysphoria but grows up as best they can to completely own and love themselves

Jigglypuff: That one queen who just can’t give up the mike (lowkey asexual)

Zubat: high pitched twink with personal space issues

Oddish: grey ace demi girl, has an awkward middle phase but grows out of it

Paras: white cis gay boy, likes shrooms, probs has an arts degree

Venonat: Androgynous, also collects houseplants and candles

Diglet: Polyamorous, also not afraid to throw a wig on

Meowth: cis white gay boy and the least queer member of Team Rocket. Extra af

Psyduck: easily confused aromantic

Mankey: Gym gay who gets angry at newbies who steal his spot in front of the mirror

Growlithe: Majestic lesbian

Poliwag: Polyamorous demi boy

Abra: Bigender aromantic sorcerer/ess

Machop: Gym gay who posts #MondayMotivation insta pics

Bellsprout: homosexual who grows up super slutty (just cannot stop putting people and/or things in their mouth)

Tentacool: Agender Hentai dream

Geodude: stone butch

Ponyta: Majestic polygender femme

Slowpoke: Tired™

Magnemite: Magnets are very queer

Farfetch’d: underappreciated Bisexual

Doduo: asexual panromantic

Seel: Slippery enby

Grimer: homo who drinks too much coffee

Shellder: closested

Gastly: Questioning Goth femme

Onix: sentient anal beads

Drowzee: that one creepy cis gay guy who thinks just cos he’s gay he can touch peoples boobs

Krabby: low key slutty aro

Voltorb: genderqueer Clitoris enthusiast

Exeggcute: A group of eggs is called a faggot

Cubone: Poor baby queer with a lot of family trauma, esp mummy issues. Jaded and scared but very soft

Hitmonlee: Queer who likes foot play

Hitmonchan: Queer who likes fisting

Lickitung: cullingingus QUEEN

Koffing: First Year Uni student who vapes (intimidated by the on campus queer group/ questioning)

Rhyhorn: fucken horny masc who swings their big phallic horn around

Chansey: Cinnamon roll aromantic asexual too pure for this world

Tangela: Ey’re always getting tangled in other peoples problems but handle eir own well

Kangaskhan: Queer Mum for all the other queers

Horsea: soft demiboy, pansexual, anxious

Goldeen: Beat for the GODS, living her best drag life

Staryu: Non binary beauty blogger

Mr. Mime: Reflect? More like Deflect. Closeted gay man

Scyther: Agender, 100% ready to cut gatekeeping bitches

Jynx: Drag queen

Electabuzz: not as good of a top as he thinks he is

Magmar: Lipstick lesbian

Pinsir: pansexual also furious

Tauros: Astrology queer, knows when Mercury is in retrograde (they can feel it)

Magikarp: lil queer who stays in the closet for a long long time, but when they are ready they emerge as the most queer and badass mother effer around.

Lapras: Grey-aro Ace always taking care of others (carrying them around on her back)

Ditto: polygender

Eevee: Genderfluid Icon

Porygon: Queer who knows how to code and probs has a great aesthetic tumblr blog

Omanyte: Eldritch horror

Kabuto: underrated demisexual

Aerodactyl: Dramatic screeching bigender

Snorlax: sleepy boi

Articuno: That one lesbian you see catch sight of across the room or on the street and think ‘shit’...beautiful

Zapdos: Always buzzing on something, likes dubstep unironically, demi romantic

Moltres: fire is queer

Dratini: I would fuck Dragonair

Mewtwo: Gay boy with a lot of internalised misogyny and homophobia, working on it

Mew: polygender aromantic queer

Had to defend this thread today so just gonna say

1) these all take into account the base Pokémon AND any of their first gen evolutions

2) It’s science ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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