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Sep 23, 2018, 8 tweets

Who was behind #AhvazAttack?
Another contradictory statement from spokesperson for armed forces:"Attackers didn't have military uniforms on them."But reports&footages published by Iranian media contradict him .
Ahwazi Movement rejects responsibility&claims IRGC was behind it.

IS has published a video claiming its forces've conducted #AhvazAttack.ISIS claims the video was sent to them.Those speaking mention neither ISIS nor Ahvaz.Some claim an Ahwazi group might have cooperated with IS which can't be true cause none of Ahwazi groups focus is religion.

Surprisingly Iranian media publish a photo of the third attacker [who was 'killed' by the Iranian security forces]just hours after ISIS publishes its video. Prior to the video published by Iranians, only photos of two killed attackers had been published by Iranian media.

#Breaking on #AhvazAttack
An MP from Khouzestan two days ago claimed that "the attackers had links inside the security forces."
And this morning Iranian media have started attacking this person and accusing him of corruption and bribery.
Why now?

Another piece of Information on #AhvazAttack which contradicts ISIS claim:
Iranian media have published a video showing the body of one of two of the attackers.Killed attackers don't have the same uniforms as ISIS claims in its video neither they look similar. One has no uniform.

This is the photo published on the day of the attack b. Neither of them look like the ones in video published by ISIS. The driver in ISIS video looks like the one killed in civilian dress but the one killed in Ahvaz has longer hair&beard with no hair between his shorter eyebrows.

BBC has got into some details but missing points:
Video is a mix of two different clips, persons don't look the same as attackers killed yesterday, uniforms are different than killed ones in Ahvaz and watch outside of the car when 3rd person is speaking.

#Breaking on #AhvazUpdate
Another contradictory statement but this time from Ministry of Intelligence which claims that "five penetrators took part in the attack."
#AhwazAttack has shown how weak, undisciplined, unreliable Iranian security forces are.

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