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Sep 24, 2018, 13 tweets

I made a presentation at the forum on the issue of Julian Assange's freedom. Here are the slides that I used to explore what #WikiLeaks is and its significance.… #FreeJulianAssange

#WikiLeaks is excellent journalism. It published over 10 million documents with pristine record of accuracy, more classified information than all media combined, exposing human right abuses, government spying and war crimes on a scale that was unprecedented.

But WikiLeaks is much more than just journalism. It is best viewed as an invention of new journalism built on the platform of the Internet. Just like the invention of the printing press, it has radically changed the world and solved many problems.

What problems has WikiLeaks solved? WikiLeaks has revealed the true nature of Western liberal democracy, as a system of control.

How did WikiLeaks tackle with the problem of managed democracy, corporate media and restriction of free speech?

Upon the technical breakthrough of secure drop box, WikiLeaks built scientific journalism. By providing full achieves in a searchable format, the org made it possible for ordinary people to independently check the claim of journalists and account for their work.

Corporate media vs. WikiLeaks!

How did governments and institutions respond to this innovation of new journalism? US gov's reaction to WikiLeaks disclosures evolved into a war against the First Amendment.

The war against the First Amendment that has started during Obama now continues on with the Trump administration. #WikiLeaks

Now, the Internet has become a battleground. WikiLeaks and Assange are on the frontline of this battle.

As Julian Assange said back in 2010, we now have approached Orwell's dictum.

We are now still governed by managed democracy. WikiLeaks' publications informed us of how the world is constructed. Knowledge provided empowers all to free ourselves and to build a real democracy.

#Assange is a prophet, journalist, innovator and courageous man who showed us a way to exit from this system of control. He sacrificed his personal liberty in order for us all to be free. Assange's freedom is our freedom and we must defend him.

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