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Sep 24, 2018, 7 tweets

Wanted to share a little about the lawsuit that AG Hawley filed that would eliminate protections for preexisting conditions for millions of Americans, including kids like ours. Feel free to follow along. 1/

Here's the first page of the lawsuit seeking to declare our health care protections unconstitutional. AG Hawley didn't have to join this lawsuit, but he chose to, on behalf of his state. 2/

Here's the part that says the #ACA protects #PreExistingConditions, makes sure people can't be charged more for them, and requires that insurers cover essential health benefits.

That's the part that keeps our kids alive and our families out of bankruptcy. 3/

Here's the part of the lawsuit where you ask the court to eliminate those protections, and forbid the government from making sure that insurance companies offer health plans with those protections. 4/

And here is where you signed your name on the lawsuit that, again, would eliminate #PreExistingConditions protections for millions of Americans. 5/

The only action behind AG Hawley's campaign ad promise? Supporting a Senate bill on preexisting conditions that would... allow insurance companies to not cover preexisting conditions. 6/

Actions speak louder than words.

That goes for us, too. We can be angry that our health care is under attack. But if we want change, it comes from our actions.

Vote. 7/7

#WhatsAtStake #HealthCareVoter

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