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Sep 27, 2018, 18 tweets

Speaking of paying for things...

Who's paying for the Delaware beach house Mark Judge is hiding out in right now?

Also, possibly related ... why have you deleted all the tweets between you and Mark Judge, Adam?

When you get a chance, can you ask Mark why he refuses to testify?

Why did you delete this tweet, @AdamBaldwin?


Why did you delete this tweet, @AdamBaldwin?


Why did Mark Judge delete his Twitter account, @AdamBaldwin?


Why is Mark Judge in hiding, @AdamBaldwin? Do you know who's paying for his beach house?

I think you're right though. We should #FollowTheMoney


In my experience, grown men posting at Mike Cernovich about pedophiles—in July 2018, no less—usually have more than a few secrets.

Hey @SenateDems, can you imagine the sorts of questions Mark Judge ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT want to have to answer under oath?

Have you seen those creepy videos Mark Judge posted on YouTube, @AdamBaldwin? Were all those girls 18+? We couldn't tell for sure. Maybe that's why Mark deleted his YouTube account too.

Anyway, let me know if you have any insights on Mark Judge and YUGE projection, Adam! Thanks!

Why did you stop tweeting, @AdamBaldwin?

Did you call someone or did someone call you?

Those of us who are paying attention know exactly what's going on right now.

How far is the Alt-Right willing to go to get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed, @AdamBaldwin? How many threats are they willing to issue? How much harassment? How many lies? How many conspiracy theories?

Don't act like you don't know, @AdamBaldwin.

Because we know you do.

@LincolnsBible @WarfareNavel @ninaandtito @Grzabjj @ericgarland @lauferlaw @counterchekist 'Why Gamergate is Really About Political Correctness'

By Mark Judge

July 23, 2015


@LincolnsBible @WarfareNavel @ninaandtito @Grzabjj @ericgarland @lauferlaw @counterchekist @markgjudge Irony: many on well-heeled journo right don’t pay writers, but @ChuckCJohnson does.

Seen here ⬇️⬇️

More related threads here. Because why should we let them keep hiding in plain sight? This is what the GOP has allowed itself to become.

Thread 1:

This is what it looks like when an entire political party is willing to go full Alt-Right troll to get what they want. No matter the consequences.

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