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Sep 28, 2018, 15 tweets

1. #QAnon What must happen pre 11.11? Justice. Strength. We must target the days prior to the midterm elections 11.6.18 and fight for a red Tsunami! 11.11 is provided as a "strategic marker for post midterms.


What a wonderful day!

2. #QAnon We are
"Ready when you are.


3. #QAnon notes that "Nothing gets past Anons!"

"Days Prior" ((1.), above, #2287) = today is 45 days before 11.11.18.

4. #QAnon Did you see Sen. Graham's speech ..?
Enjoy the show!

5. #QAnon Sen. Graham's fiery speech. PT 2:

6. #QAnon asks, is there a coincidence between the line now taken by Sen Graham, the President's EO on declassification, and HRC panic? #Q

7. #QAnon cites his 9/17 drop on Dems offering to drop Ford allegations in exchange for @realDonaldTrump NOT declassifying FISA docs, which @POTUS declined, saying he'll be confirmed anyway.
"Have faith, Patriots.

8. #QAnon connects 9/5 Sen Graham's "Interesting line of questioning" on military vs civilian law" to EO and HRC. #Q

9. #QAnon Graham seems suddenly to know the score. After No Name's funeral, he seems to have gotten true religion.


10. #QAnon The generals seem to have given Lindsey Graham the message at No Name's funeral. We like this new tune! #Q

11. During #QAnon's 9/19 Q&A session, an anon requested that @realDonaldTrump tweet a misspelling using a "Q". So, on 9/24, @POTUS does so, correcting it 13 minutes later. President Trump honored the anon 's request! #QProof #Q

12. #QAnon links Ryan's departure to deal for his bringimg full weight of House to support @POTUS declassifying FISA docs. Puzzle becoming more clear with each passing day?

13. #QAnon Dem playbook [BAIT] for midterm elections is to motivate base w Justice K impeachment. despite lack of evidence nor corroborating witnesses.
OLD GUARD replaced.

14. Link(s) to most recent prior #QAnon thread are here:…


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