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Sep 29, 2018, 15 tweets

NEW THREAD - Last week, the Canadian Parliament's ETHI committee continued their pursuit of the truth, regarding Aggregate IQ and Brexit, when they interviewed CEO Zack Massingham. It was brutal; because, as you can see from this previous appearance, AIQ had lied to them. 1/14

It's shameful that a group of Canadian politicians are doing the hand tied UK authorities work. From this hors d'oeuvres from Frank Baylis through to the main course by Charlie Angus, their pursuit of Massingham, who would only speak from his lawyers office, is relentless. 2/14

Ruthlessly persistent @frankbayliss continues to set-up Massingham, for questioning by other MPs, by repeatedly asking if the evidence of wrongdoing presented by @BindmansLLP is incorrect....yes or no. 3/14

MP Raj Saini now asks Massingham about the scripts, recently revealed by @VickerySec, which create 'fake work logs' and moves on to a curious statement by an AIQ employee regarding 'free money' from Nigel Farage's UKIP party on the day the EU referendum result was announced. 4/14

Peter Kent completes the opening skirmishes by enquiring why AIQ's versions of events differs so markedly from all others who have conducted inquiries into their behaviour and then asks if they're the fall guys for others. 5/14

Moving on to the main course, MP @CharlieAngusNDP quickly addresses the serious problem Zack Massingham and fellow director Jeff Silvester have with two reports from the @ElectoralCommUK and the @ICOnews. 6/14

Charlie Angus continues to probe a now clearly uncomfortable Massingham on what happened to the $1m supposedly given to AIQ by BeLeave, via Vote Leave, for their ads that weren't run on Facebook. Confused? Not as much as Zack. 7/14

Charlie Angus now spells it out to Massingham whose weasel worded reply needs to be listened to carefully. Nobody is doubting that $1m of ads were placed on Facebook, the question is whose ads was that money spent on. 8/14

Charlie Angus brings it all together and again asks, "how were AIQ set-up to be the patsy unless you were involved?" In a quite unfathomable response, Massingham claims that AIQ aren't mentioned in the @ICOnews and @ElectoralCommUK inquiry reports! 9/14

@beynate now picks through the debris field left of Massingham's answers to Charlie Angus and makes a remarkable discovery surrounding Massingham's knowledge of the reports from the @ICOnews and the @ElectoralCommUK. 10/14

A patient Nathaniel Erskine-Smith teases out the truth from Massingham who, despite being CEO, looks to the perfectly believable Jeff Silvester for answers to the findings of two reports naming AIQ involved in breaking UK steps! 11/14

Elequently, and dismissing all attempts at conflation and distraction, Charlie Angus's devastating summation describes, "a serious breach in UK electoral law that undermined the Brexit vote which has caused ongoing economic and social upheaval. 12/14

It's remarkable that our government stays silent as a committee of a foreign government investigates and exposes the greatest scandal in UK political history whilst those involved continue to plot and scheme within our government to deliver what they broke the law for. 13/14

The likes of @beynate, @frankbaylis and particularly @CharlieAngusNDP deserve a knighthood for what they're doing. If you'd like to listen to the complete proceedings you can do so on our YouTube channel here 14/14 -

#AIQ's CEO Zack Massingham, under oath, told the Canadian parliament that AIQ ran $1m worth of #Beleave ads on #Facebook.

A reminder what Facebook confirmed to the @ICOnews:

@CharlieAngusNDP @beynate @frankbaylis

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