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Oct 1, 2018, 27 tweets

1. #QAnon's happy #RedOctober includes a Justice K confirmation, declassification of FISA #SpyGate docs and, Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein [payment in full] with number to call suicide hotline. #Q

2. #QAnon "Flake's decision came after he spoke to.. Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein], who is in charge of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation." #Q…

3. #QAnon
Define 'Treason'.
Define 'Subversion'.
Think line of questions re: Sen. Graham > Justice K re: 'Enemy Combatants'.

4. #QAnon drops us one from "Q+":

5. #QAnon:

"[They] call in threats prior to each rally in an effort to diminish the reach of the message.
All for a LARP.
When one shirt is not enough..
Two becomes the solution.


6. #QAnon "A line no longer swallowed: Old D party is now new R party" #Q

7. #QAnon's "[Quick History Lesson]" asks why D party's fighting to change history, but people are waking up from believing such lies.



8. #QAnon notes a lot of plane crashes since his enigmatic Set 29 post (#2298) of the UA Dreamliner. Is the increase outside of ordinary expectation (standard deviation)?

9. #QAnon notes that it was they who made John Barlow's murder public even though the op'd been closed and cleaned. He was 187'ed for his ability to influence a free net. It was no coincidence that the Wapost drop on Barlow was a HIT piece (free net "deliriously optimistic"). #Q

10. Last January 27, 2018 #QAnon dropped,
"John Perry Barlow📁
SecureDrop [Whistleblowers]?
SecureDrop>Clowns In America.

Barlow passed away on February 7th, 2018; eleven days later.

11. #QAnon'd dropped Dec 10, 2017 to "Expect fireworks." The next day, Dec 11th, the NY subway bomber set off his "bomb", that White Hats had substituted with fireworks. #Q

12. Two interesting observations about #QAnon's #Qproofs of the above predictions on "BDT" (NY bomber) & Barlow, dropped Feb 11, 2018:

First, Q said he was not stating them for verification of credibility.
Secondly, "Red October."

13. How did #QAnon know of Barlow's death 11 days prior, Subway bomber 'fireworks' hours prior, & No Name's death exactly 30 days ahead of time
"In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've 'essentially' witnessed.

14. #QAnon Is it a coincidence that Sen. Graham became "activated" immediately after No Name's death?

15. #QAnon

16. #QAnon Wonder who is "#Q+"?

17. #QAnon: Ford refused to hand over therapy notes to FBI because
Justice K was NEVER named in them. Only a 'Mr X' was logged in book along with a physical description during an 'eyes closed' session = / = Justice K. The
FBI has no subpoena power with no GJ to demand them. #Q

18. #QAnon Justice K was NEVER named or asked during the polygraph
(which only had 2 questions). #Q states that something did happen to "Dr." Ford in her past, and that that 'something' was used to 'frame' Justice K.
Dr. Ford's family has strong SWAMP ties.

19. #QAnon FBI has expanded investigation into other suspicious acts with support of ABC agency as authorized by @POTUS.
Is [Rosenstein] involved?

20. #QAnon The lack of corroborating evidence against Kavanaugh & Mitchell's findings are summarized by McConnell who anticipates Ds'll continue to try to move "goal post" but says We will vote this week. #Q

21. #Q+ posts Reagan's "Peace through Strength".
God bless America!

22. #QAnon It appears that @realDonaldTrump let us know he's heading to a rally via a #Q drop instead of via his Twitter feed!

23. #QAnon responds personally to an Anon.

24. #QAnon
Darkest days.
Amen, brother.
This evil must be destroyed.

25. #QAnon Airborne, All the Way
God bless our Patriots!
Q's got this heavy burden.
Trust your fellow man.
We will win.

26. Link(s) to most recent #QAnon thread is here:…


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