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It is an ancient and historical city that is 5000 years old. It is famous for spiritual as well as scientific reasons. It is described as the best city in Adi Brahma Puran and it is called mokshda and bhukti-mukti in Agni Puran and Garuda Puran.

There was a time when this city had been a capital of a big empire. It has a glorious history. As per religious books this city has never seen destruction, for God of destruction Mahakaal himself resides here. It has a Jyotirling out of the 12, 2 Shakti Peeths, the Sacred Kumbh.

As per Garuda Puran there are 7 cities that can provide salvation but importance of Ujjain is a little more. It's believed that it has foot prints of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama himself performed his father’s last rites after his death at Ujjain.That place is called ‘Ram Ghat’.

Great Scholars of varied fields like Kaalidas, Varahmihir, Banabhatta, Rajashekera, Pushpadanta, Shankaracharya, Vallabhacharya, Bhartahari, Diwakar, Kattayayan and Bhas had their association with Ujjain.

It has stood, quite literally, at the very centre of the development of astronomy as a science and instrument of spiritual knowledge and practice. It's the cradle of Hindu science of astronomy and Time keeping and principal seat of astronomical knowledge during its early history.

Because of its unique geographical location, Indian astro sciences
regard Ujjain as central reference point. Seminal authors from Varahamihira to Bhaskaracharya attribute it to several calculations including standard time. It's literally the crossroad of Space and Time in India.

Since ‘time’ in Sanskrit is called ‘kala’, it's justified that there's a relationship between situation of Mahakaal & centrality of Ujjayini in astro-sciences. Hence, Lord Mahakaal is considered God of time. It's been an ideal place for calculation of time and calendar science.

It's also known as ‘Greenwich of India’.It's situated 23.9 degree northern latitude & 74.75 degree eastern longitude at an altitude of 1658 ft. As per geographical calculations, ancient scholars considered Ujjain at zero degree longitude. The line of Cancer also passes from here.

Accordingly, the lines of Cancer and Meridian intersect here. Recognising the unique situation, King Jaisingh had set up an observatory for calculation of time. With importance in calculation of time, it seems that time and God have become one in the form of Mahakaleshwar.

Hence he's considered as the founder of time calculation. Legend also has it that Lord Mahakaleshwar’s idol is situated at the intersection point and it is in the center of the earth. Rohtak, Avanti and Kurukshetra are the places that fall on this line.

Thorough study of time calculation from heart of this city is not possible from any other part of the world because as Linga puran put it, life had originated here. Volumes have been written in the praise of Ujjain during all the ages included Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug.

The historic Navgraha temple and observatory indicate its unique geographical situation. Comprehensive research, experiments and surveys in this city could reveal many untouched aspects of the Universe.

The answers to many questions regarding beginning and the end of universe could also be found here.
The city of Lord Mahakaal is the nucleus of the world.
Great poet Kaalidas praised the beauty of Ujjain and according to him Ujjain is a fallen part of heaven.

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