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Oct 2, 2018, 12 tweets

China/ Cosco port in Long Beach...
LOTS comes through that port!!!
#DiFi #Dig

U.S. reportedly raises objections to state-run Chinese company taking control of Long Beach port terminal…

COSCO China Already being investigated by CFIUS at Treasury Dept (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States).

You would be amazed at the number of COSCO containers that come in through the Long Beach Port and get put onto trucks and trains all over the US.…

Huge network.


LOTS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING, DRUGS, ETC get smuggled in and out of our ports. They only inspect a small percentage of these containers.…

Chinese #Fentanyl is likely coming through the ports in massive quantities...…

Mack is naming names.
Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal).
The ‘Standard’ Hotel.
Helicopter crash.
All related.
Future will prove past.
Feeling ok today?
Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?
Tick TOCK (LLC).

Track ALL suicides.
Example 1:
Think Spade.
Trace to Children Foundation(s) (NY).
Trace to Import/Export.
Trace from China/MX to Long Beach.
Trace sale/spin off of Co.
Trace to CF.
Trace to Port (Security Clearance Profile (L5)).
Who granted?
Expect A LOT more.

Track ALL suicides.

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