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Oct 3, 2018, 10 tweets

1 #QAlert - Thread: Chris Coons, Christine Blasey Ford, & Jeff Flake- what are the connections? Delaware, Africa, Globalism, & Military contracts #Kavanaugh #QArmy #Ibelievedrford is a liar.

2. What’s with Chris Coons (D) DE & Jeff Flake (R) AZ? Flake’s “gentleman’s agreement” with Coons, a joint 60 Minutes interview & the UN Global Citizen festival. One thing is Africa: Coons spent the 80’s in Kenya (like Strozk & Obama). Flake missioned in South Africa👀 #QAnon

3. Chris Coons attended Yale Divinity School and Law School. So did Judge K, most of the Senate Judiciary...oh, and the Clintons. Flake is LDS. @StevePieczenik gives a great analysis on the Yale-Mormon convergence in the @senjudiciary: #QAnon #Kavanaugh

4. Chris Coons is the Jr. Senator from Delaware. His family has given political contributions for years to Sen. Tom Carper & Sen. Joseph Biden. He took Biden’s seat. Uncle Joe was there to welcome his family to the U.S. Senate. Smile honey 🤫#QAnon #QArmy

5. Robert “Bob” Gore co-invented Gore-Tex. WL Gore & Associates (DE) has multi-million dollar DOD contracts from computer cables to spacesuits. Chris was, among other things, the lobbyist for WLG&A. Robert Gore is Chris Coons’ STEPDAD.… #QAnon #QArmy

6. Forbes lists Robert Gore as the richest person in the state of Delaware ($750 million). Here is more info on WL Gore & Associates. They make everything. #QAnon #QArmy

7. Wealthy Delawareans vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE. So did the Blaseys & Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford wrote her letter there. Mark Judge is in Bethany beach.…

8. From Africa, to Yale, to Delaware, to DC Senator Chris Coons has interesting ties to the entire Kavanaugh affair. Yet to dig- family or business connections between the Blaseys & the Gores. For more from @PatriotsSoapbox join us 24/7 #QAnon #QArmy

P.S - Robert Gore’s father William “Bill” Gore has a career at DuPont before establishing WL Gore & Assoc. Forbes lists the DuPonts as the 15th richest family in America. They own and still run Delaware. They are one of the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines.

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