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Oct 3, 2018, 18 tweets

Let’s vet it!!!

Is Christine Blasely (FORD) actually CIA?

This appears to be the original (unsure) source on this little tidbit...

If true, it doesn’t get much more #DeepState #NWO than this!!!

It means they are trotting out the offspring of ex-Nazi OSS officers, turned CIA big wigs (#ProjectPaperclip)!!!

Take a gander at GRAMPS!…

Red Coats, Inc. did have a former VP named Ralph Blasey...…

Confirmed: Ralph Blasey II did used to work at massive law firm Baker Hostetler for 15 years (9/1989-9/2004).

He now works at Allied Capital Corporation...…

Now, Fusion GPS wasn’t founded until 2011... long after he left the firm. And it is a HUGE FIRM... so that connection, though true, is shaky at best.

This is a Very Well Written and sourced blog by BRASS BALLS (🤣) documenting more connections!

Go read it!…

Memes are great, but show your work people!

#Qanon did tell us:

Always include a link to source work.
This isn’t #Fake News here!
We are better than that!


MEME Credit: @TheSharpEdge1

Anon: (again unsourced)

DEAK! Crazy interesting. Son of GRAMPS name is different.
Money laundering- drug running -nonbank Jeffrey Epstein like operations (!) - Argentinians (Nazis) - Columbian Cocaine (more Nazis) - Lockheed Martin (again 🤦🏼‍♀️)- and the Grandma Mafia! 👵…

These connections are getting blonder by the minute... the more you BANG IT, the LOOSER it gets!

Wait, what? 🤦🏼‍♀️

SOMEONE wanted us to look into DEAK and learn the history clearly...
That I can appreciate.

#OperationPaperclip is pretty important if you want to understand the #DeepState...…

Have you ever heard of the



Lots of MONEY LAUNDERING going on in the Fashion Industry!!!…

Does anyone ever REALLY spend $100k on a purse??? Or is it just a way the rich launder and move their cash around as a FRONT for their drug running and human trafficking?!?!…

Are [THEY] using these product shipments to also SHIP THE DRUGS all over the Country?!?!


It gives an entirely new meaning to the term MADE IN CHINA when you realize this!!!…


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