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Oct 4, 2018, 17 tweets

Doxxer Daddy has huge projects in California. Who wants to place bets this leads to Chinastein and her hubby Dick? Or maybe Pelosi good old Salesforce building. #StayMad…

How does ONE company get this many government jobs?! Only other like it is Dick Blum🙄 @Avery1776

Oh hellll nooooo 😂🤣

Well that was WAY too easy, you out there @FBI @DHSgov @SecretService Jackson Cosko’s Daddy is big business partners with @SenFeinstein hubby Dick Blum, government contracts of course that’s how Feinstein rolls.

Mommy works for big pharma of course and they just scored a huge deal in Honk Kong🤣OMG your son is SO DUMB.

They literally have landed every huge construction job in LA and SF the sad part is, don’t know who to report it to🤦‍♀️ @OfficeGovEthics

Does anyone else even get to bid? $70 million in Santa Monica last year.…

Uncle Eddie must be proud.

If this is her Dad we officially have a shit show. I’m over these people.

But but how do you know.

What is it with Bernie freaks? He’s doing something weird with ShatBlu tons of tiny donations manically in one day, sketch.

Here’s the thing: it’s borderline miraculous they arrested this guy if the swamp wasn’t draining they wouldn’t touch him. If I can find this, they certainly can. #StayMad

YOU KNOW @realDonaldTrump knows who these people are, construction for 100 years? 🍿

Hathaway Dinwiddie has a current case open with @OSHA_DOL miraculously some of the charges already dismissed helps to have friends that are Senators perhaps @TheJusticeDept @HUDgov can look into why.…

Please investigate Hathaway Dinwiddie @FCC @AjitPaiFCC before moving any further with the project. This company is run by the Father of DNC Doxxer and cannot be trusted with sensitive information @fbi…

What does @GavinNewsom know about Hathaway Dinwiddie? They “donated” their services for a building to house Stem Cel research? Did anyone bother to check that his wife works for medical research company? What do want to bet they landed there?…

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