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Oct 4, 2018, 10 tweets

1/ What I saw in #Lesvos today was truly shocking. As another winter approaches, the situation for thousands of #refugees trapped in a dangerous and desperate limbo on the island is totally unsustainable

2/ Conditions in #Moria camp are appalling - a stain on the conscience of Europe. Almost 7,500 people are jammed into a camp with an official capacity of 3,100. There is a lack of sanitation, insufficient clean drinking water, streams of raw sewage and infestations of mice & rats

3/ Fatime, a woman who fled Afghanistan, told me that she does not feel safe in #Moria camp. “We spend twelve hours queuing for food. We came here to find protection and send our children to school. We didn’t come here to live in a jungle,” she said

4/ “I am here with my four children, the youngest one is just two years old,” a young woman from Afghanistan who is living outside the camp told me. "We are all sleeping in a tent. No one is telling us what is going to happen"

5/ “Winter is coming. There are pregnant women here and children. How are they going to survive the winter?” Ali, a 21 year old from Afghanistan asked me. “Every time someone speaks about human rights here I laugh. What human rights? This place is terrible”

6/ “We are facing a crisis from every point of view: medical, humanitarian and human rights. It is clear that the European Union’s containment policy is not working,” Luca Fontana from @MSF told me. “Any traumatized person is further traumatized in #Moria camp”

7/ What we are witnessing here is a result of the shameful deal made between the EU & Turkey which has transformed the Greek islands into de facto holding pens. European governments must urgently provide #refugees with the support & protection they need & the welcome they deserve

8/ Tomorrow I'll be in Athens to launch a new report in which #refugee women in Greece speak out against violence, dangerous conditions and official neglect. They're coming together to fight horrific abuses and demand a better life in Europe. And their voices must be listened to

9/ Amidst all this suffering, very inspired and humbled after meeting local activists - including Efi Latsoudi at Pikpa camp for vulnerable #refugees on #Lesvos. Solidarity is the answer to cynicism, fear and hatred

10/ Thanks to all the women at Bashira women’s centre for sharing your stories, your views, your demands for change. Your resilience and determination is inspiring. @amnesty members around the world stand with you in solidarity 💪🏿

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