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Oct 5, 2018, 15 tweets

1. #QAnon "Sen. Murkowski, R-Alaska, 1 of 4 undecided key senators, voted against advancing Kavanaugh in a procedural vote. That doesn't necessarily mean those senators will vote same way in a final vote, the timing of which has yet to be announced."… #Q

2. #QAnon "A picture is worth a thousand words.
See evil in the face of Feinstein?
See fear & emotion in the face of Murkowski?"
Rush called this "Alien vs Sigourney Weaver" Feinstein has leverage on Murkowski, but phones are always listening.

"A phone was present.

3. #QAnon FISA DECLASsification'll reveal US coup attempt. Loretta Lynch'd Veselnitskaya enter country to set up #SpyGate #RussiaHoax. FISAs approved for Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, Flynn'll show how UK & Aus (& NZ?) assisted. #Q…

4. #QAnon
Important moment in time last night: @Q_ANONBaby was invited to meet @POTUS at rally & ask him about Q. They weren't allowed to bring in phones but a pic was taken with POTUS & it'll be the ultimate signifier that'll 'force' the Question.

5. Moloch fought hard but in the end, as #QAnon said, "God wins"…

6. #QAnon posts pic with filename "REDOCTOBER2"...reminding us that "double meanings exist." #Q

7. #QAnon Why is CNN publishing this now?
"[Markers] matter."
"..And so it begins..
How do you start a WAR?"

Will #DeepState try to launch another sub missile against US & blame Russia to deflect DECLASsification #SpyGate blame from UK/Australia?

Their Playbook'll [FAIL].

8. #QAnon

9. #QAnon #DeepState launched missile to start war with NK & Whidbey Island missile to shoot down AF1. New focus again on "Russia hacking" - will they try to launch another missile to blame Russia? #Q

10. #QAnon "The Hunt For" was dropped 12/19/17 prior to the 6/10/18 firing of the unauthorized missile near Whidbey Island and after it being found/discovered.

"Russia sub threat push?
Double meanings exist.

11. #QAnon #FakeNews wants us to look at Russia, not at China. But, it is important to understand the facts that matter going forward, those which fake news will never report.

Worth 43 minutes of your time:


13. Link(s) to prior #QAnon threads are here:…


15. #QAnon Interesting observations from the Kavanaugh destruction attempt: Just out.

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