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Oct 6, 2018, 20 tweets

1. #QAnon Justice K now sits on the Highest Court in the Land!! What a great day!! Law & Order & the U.S. Constitution have now been safeguarded.
It was our last chance to peacefully save it. Just think if HRC'd won & we had SC appointments w a 'Corrupt' tilt, e.g., L Lynch. #Q

2. #QAnon again points to this video that makes more wonderfully optimistic sense every time I see it!! #Q

3. #QAnon Now comes the real PAIN, the real TRUTH.
They want US divided by race, religion, culture. class, and political affiliation, because, divided we are weak.
But together we are strong!

4. #QAnon Our movement challenges their ‘forced’ narrative. Our movement is not about one person, nor about any one group of people.
Hatred and Dissension in the Nation will Heal.
Save the Republic!

5. #QAnon
Our movement challenges people to not simply trust what is being reported.
Research for yourself.
Think for yourself.
Trust yourself.

6. #QAnon

Which is the party of hate?



7. #QAnon "The Party of threats, violence, intimidation, name-calling, racism, fascism, division, ….."
(and obscenity)

8. #QAnon "By any means necessary" seems to me the most morally bankrupt slogan I have ever heard. #Q

9. #QAnon What a wonderful day! Thank-you, Lord, bless, Patriot,
Celebrate - this means so much.
Closer than anticipated but a win nonetheless.
Red-State D's who voted 'no' are in trouble.

10. #QAnon: This drop is from #Q+

Congratulations, Justice K!
There is much work to be done.
Today, the Republic, took back control.

"Let us reaffirm America's destiny of goodness and good will."
-Ronald Reagan

12. Interesting. #QAnon's Reagan quote returns "about 3 hits" on GOOG.

13. #QAnon Expect Dems to deceive their voters, already talking impeachment of K but don't mention 2/3 Senate votes needed. What are the odds of that?Won't happen but CON will be sold to voters like sheep by the LYING D's.

14. #QAnon The More You Know…The D-Playbook "Wrap-Up Smear"'s been deployed against Justice K:

1.) Make false accusations,
2.) Tell propagandists in MSM to report it
3.) Cite the press reports as proof.
4.) Merchandise the "proof".

"Wrap-Up Smear"
Sound familiar?

15. #QAnon "Advise and consent [replaced] with search and destroy." -Justice K
The "Wrap-Up Smear"'s deployed against Justice K & @POTUS, but we know better.

These people are SICK!


16. #QAnon [Repost][Search & Destroy]…

17. #QAnon For the un-Woke: Don't be a pawn in their sick game.
It's time to WAKE UP! You've been deceived by those you trust in DC, MSM, Hollywood, colleges, etc. Research for yourselves, trust yourselves, the truth IS out there.

Q #walkaway #VoteRepublican #KanyeWest

18. Link(s) to most recent #QAnon thread here:…


29. #QAnon "Celebrate Patriots"

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