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Oct 7, 2018, 13 tweets

1. Boom Week ahead...#qanon #wwg1wga. Let it rain....freedom is never free

2. This is big. Fox News interview of Rep Nunes. He lays out exactly what #Qanon telling us for months. Michae Susanna, the head DNC lawyer received dirt (untrue info) on @Potus from Christopher Steele former MI6 agent of UK intel who received it from Russians. Sussman then...

3...fed this dirt to James Baker Gen Counsel of Fbi who then used the false info to obtain fisa warrant on Carter Page from fisa court and never told fisa court about source of info from DNC operatives. McCabe claiming Rosenstein offered to wear wire when meeting with @Potus.. attempt to record @potus and setup his conversation as a basis for impeachment under 25th amendment. This was all coordinated by DNC and based of course on Dossier. Nunes said DNC and DOJ and FBI actions criminal. We knew from Q posts but this is first time Nunes making..

5..evidence like this known to public. Congress interviewing Rosenstein this week. Nunes then comments on Mueller and asks what the heck he’s been doing this whole time. The dam is about to break. Nunes asking @potus to declass Fisa warrant. #wwg1wga

6. #qanon is trolling Valerie Jarrett. Links to FBI vault disclosure showing Jarrett’s father and family has communist connections. Q says “good bye Valerie”. #wwg1wga

7. VJ in her tweet to “victims” says change is coming. She has no idea how prophetic she is. Change in her living conditions is coming. How does a nice cell in Gitmo sound VJ? Maybe you’ll get a room next to Hussein...don’t get comfy. You know what the crime for treason is

8. Someone else posted this but I wanted to repost to make the point. Jarrett is finished. She has been caught red handed committing treason as has @RepAdamSchiff 42 minute phone call between the two of them. @POTUS has it all.

9. Wheeewwww! Big post by #qanon relating back to the IG report disclosure and the “crimes against children” note made by Coleman the NYPD investigator into Weiner laptop. Coleman denied recalling the convo with FBI (***) crim investigators and then when Comey asked by Q’s...

10...people (likely Huber team or Military Intel) Comey kept denying knowledge of crimes against children. No way Comey would not remember something this bigninvolcing crimes against children and the Clinton Foundation! I have a hard time believing Coleman didn’t recall. #qanon

11. This is big disclosure..first time we’ve been informed of what Comey said about Weiner laptop investigation as relates to notes on pg 294 re crimes against children. What date is it folks? Exactly 2 years today since Wikileaks released Podesta emails and #pizzagate exposed!

12. Here’s the link to the IG report. Redacted of course as unredacted one not yet released thanks to Rosenstein. Page 294…. Think about this...Had Comey followed up on the notes about Clinton crimes against children, would FBI have been able to rescue..

13...some of those children still being trafficked? How many child victims were killed off or shipped off to where they will never be found. Expose Comey covered crimes against children for Clintons?

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