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Oct 9, 2018, 9 tweets

1.) On October 09, 2018, @HillaryClinton was interviewed in Oxford England by @camanpour & said something that caught my attention. 'Swift Boating'…

2.) If you don't know the definition of 'Swift Boating' in the political world, let me lay that out for you very clearly.

The term swiftboating is a pejorative American neologism used to describe an UNFAIR or UNTRUE Political Attack.…

3.)Interesting to note that President Bill Clinton’s Senior Advisor for Policy & Communications Joel Johnson at @gloverparkgroup was emailing @jmpalmieri & @johnpodesta about the @realDonaldTrump 'Swift Boat' project in Feb of 2016……

4.) To get a better idea on who Joel Johnson is, his bio can be found on the @gloverparkgroup website.…

5.) As a reminder, @jmpalmieri was Hillary Clinton's Communications Director for her 2016 campaign & served eight years in @BillClinton Administration, as a White House Deputy Press Secretary from 1998 to 2001…

6.) We are also very familiar with who @johnpodesta is & his role
as Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign Chairman!…

7.) So now that we know what 'Swift Boating' is & who was involved, what is the @FEC going to do about
this?? 🤔

Does @DevinNunes @Jim_Jordan
or @realDonaldTrump know about this as well? Is the #TrumpRussia hoax part of this coordinated smear??

8.) What part did @BarackObama, James @Comey, @petestrzok along with #AndrewMcCabe & the rest of the Coup De'tat crew play in this whole 'Swift Boating' scheme to try & take down @realDonaldTrump?🤔

We have seen thus far what has been revealed & no doubt we will see much more!

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