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Jul 9, 2016, 40 tweets

Inexcusable. Is this the place to dump garbage? #SwachhBharat

Happens to the best. Spend two whole days with someone, interview him, then spread the rumour he was with Modi when he was at the barber's.

The Amar Akbar Anthony tweet. From the Manmohan Desai of Indian media.

The obnoxiousness of a pom-pom wielding pugilist who probably practises both these vocations in his sleep, to address his genial peer thus.

If Hypocrisy were an art form, this man would be Michelangelo.

Confirmation that Rajdeep Sardesai is a genius.

Doubtless, Rajdeep IS a genius. Asks 6 Qs to JDU MLA thinking he's from RJD. MLA corrects him. Rajdeep says: Yes, I know. (clip @yk_deepak)

The MLA should have replied: Thanks Arnab. Have always admired you over that Rajdeep fella. But I'm from JDU not RJD

After 1 week, cell towers to collapse. After 2, landlines nibbled by rats. After 3, back to thread & tin cans. After 4, smoke signals.

Aazaan: What about Bhajans?
Nirbhaya Verdict: What about Bilkiz?
Tharoor: What about Raja?
Triple Talaq: What about Hindu laws?

Michelangelo of Hypocrisy strikes again. Channel he owned & was Editor-in-chief of made MILLIONS playing Babas in loop, violating ALL rules.

Like clockwork, here comes Michelangelo of Hypocrisy brandishing his chisel. The Renaissance Man of Indian Journalism.

Back from his afternoon siesta, Michelangelo flips open his paint-box to surprise us with yet another masterpiece. Unrelenting. Unrepentant.

Rajdeep's article, that appeared 1 month after the blasts, on Dawood & the reasons behind Terrorism. (via @swapan55)…

All rise. Michelangelo has entered the Sistine.

Tweets by Rajdeep Sardesai, very active and prolific on twitter, on the brutal murder of fellow journalists:

Paint brush in his boxers-pocket, chisel in his vest-pocket, Michelangelo struts out the Sistine having delivered yet another masterpiece.

Buon giorno, signore e signori. Galleria dell'Accademia is now open for business. This way, please. (h/t @vakilatlarge) #Michelangelo

Michelangelo has already painted one-half of his masterpiece. It remains to be seen if he completes it tonight. Keep an eye on the ceiling.

Overlooked by the Museum director but not by an eagle-eyed tourist (@vakilatlarge), turns out Michelangelo had completed the masterpiece.

Where the Pope enters the Sistine for a look-around, pulls up Michelangelo by his upper arm, and spanks him for messing up the ceiling.

For those who are unable to visit the Sistine & admire Michelangelo's handiwork, here is a STUPENDOUS virtual tour.

Michelangelo straddling the ghodi (paint ladder) with brush in hand again. Innocent son should pay for Father's crimes but not the other way

The maestro is at it again. Michelangelo gets it terribly wrong, in his own book, about his own dad, the legendary Ludovico di Leonardo Buonarroti Simoni.…

Where Rajdeep LIES with a straight face. He not only DELIBERATELY part-quoted @narendramodi's action-reaction remark, but also went on to use the fib to defame the ENTIRE govt.…

100 hours of CONTINUOUS threats against @sardanarohit; multiple FIRs; mob attack on India Today's offices.

Rajdeep Sardesai during those 100 hours:
Tweets: 73
Tweets in solidarity with his colleague or condemning the mob attack on his organisation's offices: ZERO


Dangling from a rope, paintbox by his hip, Michelangelo puts the finishing touches to the Sistine ceiling. (h/t @greatbong)

M'ama mia. Michelangelo is simply unstoppable today. One masterpiece after another. Che uomo fantastico! Bravo.

Michelangelo, the Renaissance man of Indian Journalism, is at it again, casting doubts on the proportions of the Vitruvian man.

The length of Michelangelo's outspread arms is equal to the height of his stupidity.

The one institution whose image has been dented in recent times is @IndiaToday. Troubling to hear everyone talk of agenda-driven journalists so freely. @aroonpurie needs to end this controversy rather than allow it to simmer. #IndianJournalism 🖕

You know your day is going well when you land up at the wrong airport; and the flight lands 3 hrs late; and the sandwich they served was made yesterday; and the hotel is an hour's bus drive away; and Amrutanjan isn't helping; and then you enter your hotel room & see this first up

All rise. Afternoon nap done and dusted, Michelangelo has entered the Sistine. Every waking day he paints a masterpiece but today's is special.

THIS is why Michelangelo is special. The very same painting but when the light falls at the far end of the ceiling a brand new angle emerges. Two masterpieces for the price of one. Outstanding workmanship. (h/t @iAnkurSingh)

Happy Boxing Day to Michelangelo, the Renaissance man of Indian Journalism.

By any account, this Michelangelo masterpiece is hard to beat. Berating fellow painters for being lackeys of the present Pope, when Michelangelo himself got - wait for it - a VERBAL LICENCE to paint the Sistine from the last Pope. Just brilliant. (via @srirambjp)

Night has descended on Rome and it's pitch dark inside the Sistine, but that doesn't stop Michelangelo from clambering up a rope with brush in hand to finish his masterpiece. And what a masterpiece it truly is. (h/t @adikulk)

Sistine closed for weekend repairs but that doesn't stop Michelangelo In Lungi & Floaters from shimmying up a drain pipe like a coconut tree climber and sneak inside to paint this masterpiece. The man is a GENIUS. (h/t @EkAkeleSbkoPele)

Sistine is being cleaned up to preserve Michelangelo's masterpieces. Please bear with us. Hypocrisy will be on show again very soon. Grazie.

Happening right now. An angry Sofonisba Anguissola has entered the Sistine, gripped with both hands the scaffolding atop which Michelangelo was perched, and given it an almighty shake.

This won't end well. Ms Anguissola is well known, in addition to self-portraits, for her anger

Where Michelangelo, in trying to impress the Italian nobility hastily paints a masterpiece, that is until a wily art connoisseur points out that in his hurry the maestro used only thinner, no paint.

Mamma mia, the Renaissance Man of Indian Journalism is losing his touch.

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