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Sep 15, 2017, 13 tweets

1) Here are our thoughts on the latest repeal effort to take away healthcare from working families. Read this thread & call 866-426-2631

2) #CassidyGraham is a last-ditch effort to go back to a damaging, secretive & partisan approach to repeal the ACA and take away our care.

3) #CassidyGraham would drastically cut #Medicaid - endangering vital services for seniors, people w disabilities, families & children

4) Medicaid cuts will hurt seniors who rely on it to cover nursing home or home care services.

5) #CassidyGraham would end #Medicaid expansion - 11 million Americans got insurance through this #SaveMedicaid

6) #CassidyGraham would end #ACA subsidies that help 9 million working people afford their healthcare.

7) Governors and state budgets will face 20-25% cuts in federal funding, forcing services cuts that will hurt working families.

8) @USCBO has already looked at some of the policies that are being proposed again in this harmful bill. Here’s what they found.

9) In 2018, #CassidyGraham would lead to 15 million people being uninsured and premiums rising by 20% #thanksbutnothanks

10) By 2027, #CassidyGraham will likely lead to 32 million people losing their coverage.

11) Also #GrahamCassidy ends #ACA pre-ex condition protections, defunds @PPact, charges older Americans 5x more & takes away vital benefits

12) #GrahamCassidy takes us back to old days when pre-ex conditions could be denied, maternity care not covered, lifetime limits reimposed.

13) #CassidyGraham repeal bill is still the wrong prescription & millions of ppl would suffer. Call 866-426-2631 #SaveMedicaid #VoteNo

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