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Oct 7, 2017, 24 tweets

IMPORTANT UPDATES ABOUT PUERTO RICO: Hundreds of nurses are pouring in to help and they are reporting terrible conditions across the largely destroyed island. Is urgent that we SHARE this THREAD to raise awareness of what’s still happening. Please don’t forget about #PuertoRico

Nurses are reporting “still not water or electricity in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico since Maria.” Nurses have set up a clinic at a FEMA site and I’m quoting here “This was also FEMA’s first day there,” this is a report of today folks! Nearly 3weeks after hurricane!

I can't stress this enough folks! This nurses are leaving their children & families, taking their vacation time to go help our brothers & sisters in #PuertoRico they'll have no water, no electricity & no roof over their heads for weeks! This is a true humanitarian crisis.

‘We did home visits in the lower income communities today... help them do basic BP, blood sugar checks, refill their meds, refer etc.’ Nurse Cheng Yau also said that people still can’t reach their doctors ‘cause clinics are closed & prescriptions aren’t filled without money.

ONLY 25 hospitals have electricity & Puerto Rico has more people than the state of Iowa! And yes, that’s 25hospitals for 3,500,000Million people. #PR main hospital “Centro Medico,” is on & off nearly three weeks after hurricane, god this is unbelievable!

My concern is with those we might not get to in time. Yesterday, we walked 2 people into a hospital. One of them hadn’t had dialysis in 6days so he was already, you know, right in the edge of life," Mayor Cruz said while choking back tears unloading donations from Chicago #PR

...” The other one had an oxygen tank & the little power plant that they had was running off. We really found her gasping for air," Mayor Carmen added

Earlier this weeek officials celebrated the restoration of Centro Medico’s electricity, but it keeps failing and breaking.

THE TESTIMONIES: “I’ve more than 100folks in ER everyday. Something unprecedented.” Centro Medico Nursing Dir. Gomez

“Some drugs are beginning to become scarce,” Medical Dir. Cedeño

I’m paying my mother's medicine cash but I'm running out of money,” Awilda López said

Folks! Here is Mayor Carmen Yulin cruz welcoming more than 300hundred nurses from across the United States. Hundreds of union members have already been on the groud. This is the true human spirit! 👏👏👏 #PrayForPuertoRico #PR #PuertoRico

Folks how can this be in the richest country in the world, weeks after the hurricane! “Diabetic Brunilda Sovilaro was found on the floor of her home, covered in insects, unable to walk & disoriented.” Until nurses & docs from Florida found her... -LA Times

“IT’S HELL HERE. I fear this island will never recover. The people have nothing, yet they are first to offer the shirt off their back. This blue building is a church without roof where we set up a clinic.” I cannot say this enough! It’s a humanitarian crisis in #PuertoRico!

This is what America looks like folks! We help because it's the humane & right thing to do, not 'cause they're citizens! Nurses landed in San Juan! Ready to provide medical care and other disaster relief help in
#PuertoRico I wish our reps would show just as much courage. BRAVO!

Folks get ready for some hard numbers on the current crisis. Nearly three weeks after the hurricane this is still the reality in #PuertoRico

90% of Puerto Rico has no electricity.
54% of island has no cell service.
45% of people have no drinking water.


CNN REPORTS: Parients have eaten dog food in #PuertoRico clinics as despair rises. This is unbelievable. @realDonaldTrump what are you doing!?

Link to Yahoo coverage:…?amp=1

Please keep following and sharing this thread. I will share the VIDEO NEXT!

THIS IS THE MOST ENRAGING REPORT COMING from #PuertoRico: Layla Santiago is shoketh reporting that patients have indeed eaten dog food fighting hunger.

We're angry, we hurting & WE WILL NEVER FORGET how @HouseGOP & @realDonaldTrump forgot this American Citizens. DEMAND ACTION!

FLAG: Pence leaving Colts game is a political stunt! Reporters told to stay in van bc "there may be early departure from game” He flew from LV to IN now he’s going to LA?

If Pence wanted the political optics of “taking a stand” He could do it by sending water to #PuertoRico!

REPORT: Cheez its, some raisins, a small cup of granola & some type of sausage. This is what hungry American Citizens who haven’t had a meal in weeks are being fed. This does not even com close to Venezuela. My heart hurts. PLEASE HELP ME FIND A VIDEO of boxes handed out please.

HERE IT IS: People are having a hamdful of raisins, cheese its and vienna sausages as food. I’m sorry but how is this okay? This people have been starving for weeks now.


Can you guys retweet this pls!

🚨READ this distressing testimony from one nurse with National Association of nurses. Why aren’t we listening the cries for help.

Demand this two senators support #PuertoRico’s relief funding now! Tweet them at: @SenDeanHeller & Sen @JeffFlake

This is a humanitarian crisis.

FOLKS PLEASE I AS FOR YOUR HELP: THIS IS HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY: The National Association of Nurses has put out a call for help to send nurses to #PuertoRico


Our nurses’ve shown the best we have to offer but they need funding.

THIS IS AS AMERICAN AS IT GETS: “The decision to come help Puerto Rico took one second.”

Truck drivers all over North America flew to #PuertoRico to help the island recover and they were not alone! Teachers! Pilots! Electrical workers! The teamsters! Hundreds flew to help!

👏🇵🇷THANKFUL FOR PEOPLE LIKE HIM: There’re people getting sick in #PuertoRico from drinking what they have to drink." This East Texas ministry is supplying 1,000 water filtration. I will share a link to donate directly. FOLLOW THIS THREAD TO SEE HOW PEOPLE ARE SUPPORTING!

PUERTO RICO’s PROBLEMS with COMUNICACION is being fixed but not by the government:

Google is using balloons to bring internet to #PuertoRico.

Facebook is working to restore emergency communications.

American union workers are volunteering, using their vacation times.



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