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Oct 19, 2017, 23 tweets

1/ Did you wake up on Nov 9, 2016 with a gnawing disquiet in your gut?

Me too.

Something wasn't right. It still isn't.


2/ Did you seriously question how in the hell election "results" could vary so widely from poll results?

Me too.

So did @mikefarb1.

3/ While the gov't was doing whatever it was doing, in a quagmire of political bullshit, @mikefarb1 + his Unhackthevote team stepped up.

4/ Just a team of humans like you + me, who are compelled to do the right thing and GET ANSWERS, but who are also experts in the data word.

5/ Every day, I think about how scary it would be like to quit my job + invest my savings in a project focused only on getting the truth.

6/ It is incredibly humbling to see the intense, hard work @mikefarb1 and the #unhackthevote team are doing, donating their time to us all.

7/ Our election was hacked. Not just for Trump. For multiple corrupt people who will do anything to save their hides

We MUST #unhackthevote

8/ If we don't #unhackthevote, we can't have free + fair elections, and America will continue down this slippery slope of eroding democracy.

9/ @mikefarb1's #unhackthevote is not a SuperPAC, corporation, political organization, or fundraising org.

It's people. Analyzing data.📈📉

10/ This is why I support @mikefarb1 + the team.
They are doing this alone, but they don't have to.

We can help.

11/ Personally, I want @mikefarb1 to have as much time as possible to focus on analyzing data + talking to Congress about the results.

12/ I want @mikefarb1 to have enough money for computers, data storage, fees to analyze election data as fast as possible.

We need ANSWERS!

13/ This is why I am taking time to tell you how important @mikefarb1's is, + ask you:

Please support if you can 👇

14/ Trump is illegitimate. So are his key team members. @mikefarb1's #Unhackthevote team relentlessly analyzes data, state after state.

15/ We now know that #PaulRyan was NOT elected by the good people of WI.

#unhackthevote ran the data.

16/ The Unhackthevote team is undertaking a massive forensic analysis of the 2016 election.


17/ Did you have a surge of hope followed by a feeling you'd been duped by #JillStein's "recounts"?

Me too.


18/ @mikefarb1 + the #unhackthevote team found extremely disturbing results in #Ohio



19/ #unhackthevote's forensic analysis of the 2016 election in SWING STATE #Ohio shows


20/ How exactly did #Wisconsin know precisely which counties were "safe" to do recounts for?




21/ @mikefarb1+ the #unhackthevote team are giving full access to contacts in intel + Congress, who are reviewing.


19a/ Mike corrected a chart in the tweet used for the original 19/ link.

Here's the updated link in his new thread:

(please forgive my typo here). "like" should be deleted.

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