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Oct 24, 2017, 11 tweets

Shot 1 - Wentz to Mack Hollins. 3-level stretch concept. Ball traveled 62.8 yards in the air (per @MattHarmon_BYB). Beat Quarters safety

Shot 2 - Great ball from Wentz here. Reads safety jumping shallow cross, throws Ertz open into the void. Great touch & poise vs blitz

Shot 3 - Ertz TD off rub concept starts w/ great communication from entire O. 2 players in motion, everyone had to stop pre-snap. Saves play

Shot 4 - First play w/o Peters on the field. Quick play-action slant to Agholor. Wentz is so good on these quick-hitting in-breakers #Eagles

Shot 5 - Great concept to get Ertz isolated 1v1; even better route by him. Wentz holds safety in MOF with his eyes before pulling trigger

Shot 6 - Clement TD initially designed to go to Ertz. Wentz climbs pocket, protects football (2 handed monster!) and delivers under pressure

Shot 7 - Carson Wentz. I have no idea.

He's not human. That's my breakdown of this play. #FlyEaglesFly

Shot 8 - Throw Alshon the fade and let him work. Helps set up Wentz's final TD throw. #Eagles

Shot 9 - Great, physical route from Ertz off play-action. Has really, really excelled as a route runner this year #Eagles

Shot 10 - Wentz's final TD a great ball to Agholor. Great scheme to get him into the void vs Cover 3. Wentz makes second-window throw

.@gregcosell & I reviewed everything from the #Eagles win and previewed the #49ers on both sides of the ball


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