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Nov 8, 2017, 19 tweets

LET JUSTICE ROLL DOWN LIKE A RIVER: The first Latinx woman was elected and help win control of House of Representatives in Virginia after beating an anti-immigrant, anti-women rights candidate.

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A trans woman, Democrat Danica Roem beat Republican incumbent Bob, the guy who introduced the bathroom bill, he was also part of the Virginia party leadership... she’s the first trans women elected to Virginia’s House of Representatives! 👏👏👏 FUCK BOB!

BREAKING: Andrea Jenkins is the first ever elected African American transgender woman to the Minneapolis city council. Huge victory!

JUSTICE HAS IT’S WAY TO COME AROUND. Remember reporter 24yrs old Alison Parker who was tragically shot & killed live on air during a morning broadcast, her boyfriend became an activist working for gun violence reform and he beat the NRA (grade A+) candidate.

Larry Krasner has been fighting for civil rights for decades. Now he will protect them as Philadelphia's D.A.! Bernie Sanders campaigned hard and we all won! 👏👏👏

BREAKING: Democrat Vi Lyles has defeated Republican Kenny Smith on Tuesday to become Charlotte’s first African-American female mayor. BRAVA! 👏

38years old Melvin Carter just became the first black Mayor of St. Paul Minnesota.

WOW! Milledgeville,Georgia elected its FIRST Woman Mayor, who happens to be BLACK- Mary Copelin! ✊️✊️👏👏👏

HUGE! Democrats win full control of the government in Washington state thanks to the victory of Manka Dhingr in a State Senate special election.

Ladies and gentleman, Progressive democrats have just broken the Republican Senate Super-majority and flipped yet another seat in the Georgia General Assembly. They have the power to filibuster backwards and damaging legislation. THIS. IS. HUGE! 👏👏👏😩😭

PEOPLE, THIS IS AMERICA: America has elected the first Sihk Mayor in New Jersey’s history. America is good when we come together, when we embrace our differences and walk together united in our likeness. I HEAR IT IN THE DISTANCE, YES WE CAN. I HEAR IT CLEAR, SI SE PUEDE!

AMERICA ROARS BACK! Sheila Oliver will be the first Black woman to serve as New Jersey's lieutenant governor! #2018WeGotThis #Democrats #Vote

SHOKING UPSET: Joyce Craig vanquished Republican incumbent Ted Gatsas in Manchester, New Hampshire, making her the first woman to become Mayor of this city and putting a Democrat at the helm of the city for the first time in more than a decade.

NUMBER ONE ISSUE ACROSS STATES? Access to healthcare. In Maine, a referendum on expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, against the governor’s wishes who vetoed it 5 times has become the law. Voter overwhelmingly approved a ballot to expand Medicaid.

CONGRATULATIONS to Deborah Gonzalez who becomes only the second Latina to win a sit at the Georgia House of Representatives! #Democrats #Vote

BREAKING: Democrat Jenny Durkan wins the race for Seattle mayor Tuesday in one of the most competitive mayoral races in recent Seattle political history. She will be the first female Mayor in 91 years!

IN THE DEEP SOUTH! Jonathan McCollar makes history as the first Elected African-American Mayor of Statesboro, Georgia.

A NEW GENERATION EMERGING: Unapologetic Democratic Socialist just unseated the House Republican Majority Whip by a huge margin for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates. This is crazy!!! 👏👏👏

VICTORY FOR ANOTHER LATINA! Congratulations Hala Ayala a Progressive Democrat who will become only the second Latina to ever serve in Virginia’s General Assembly, defeating four-term incumbent Republican Rich Anderson. HUGE! 👏

#ElectionNight #BlueWave #2018WeGotThis #Virginia

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