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Dec 21, 2017, 11 tweets

So he wanna but the #Panthers P #Diddy needs to overcome his past first...he was w Rachel Chandler at age 14 right after Bill Clinton flew her on Jeffrey Epsteins plane, #LolitaExpress.

2/ All kinds of people flew with Bill on #LolitaExpress to the underage island of sex. Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, his personal secret service agent, etc. Here he is on Jeffrey Epsteins plane w Rachel.

3/ Blown up flight logs from Jeffrey Epsteins plane, Lolita Express.

4/ When P Diddy was done, she was passed to Eminem...All these pics came from her social media pages before they went private after the whole #CometPizza thing when we all found links to her pages.

5/ She is now married into the Guinness family. Rachel Chandler Guinness. Bill Clintons Secret Service agent was at her wedding, weird. Why? Here is Rachel Chandler Guinness at her wedding with the next Guiness heir.

6/ Yes the Guinness family where one of the daughters worked for and with Harvey #Weinstein. She has a recent story about him. Find it! My guess is they find ways to keep underage girls quiet. #HeirsWMoney

7/ AND NOW, she has her own photography company. Rachel Chandler Photography. And all these pics are there. This looks like a catalog for pedos. Continue the business at all costs!

8/ Here's the one where Bill Clinton's Secret Service agent was at her wedding. Why? To keep her hushed? Check the pattern on the tent from her wedding cake pic, same pattern.

9/ Also at her wedding were some people from Comet Pizza followers. Check the names at bottom of pic. One of them also commented on her pic when she was 14 y/o pic, saying Prime Age...sick pedos!

10/ And....there you have it folks!

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