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Dec 30, 2017, 13 tweets

3rd day of #IranProtests; in this thread I'm going to post some of the videos that are verified by BBC about the date and location.

#Kerman, #IranProtests: "the ppl are living like a begger, the Leader is behaving like the God".

Izeh, #Khuzestan, #IranProtests: "death to Khamenei"

#Tehran, in front of the Tehran University, #IranProtests: police shoots tear gas.

Bandar Abbas, #IranProtests:

#Tehran, close to the University, #IranProtests: water cannon trucks on the street.

#Tehran Uni, #IranProtests: reports of Basij members (an #IRGC extension inside the universities) starting to face off w/ protestors.

in front of #Tehran University, #IranProtests: "the students would rather die to bow to power"

All I posted above in this thread are from today #IranProtests. The only way to get hold of videos from cities across Iran are users who post them on socialmedia or volunteerly send them to @BBCPersian. There're many more clips that are difficult to verify but not necessary fake.

Abhar, #Zanjan - #IranProtests, 3rd day, Dec 30: Protesters take down the billboard w/ Khamenei's picture on it.

#Arak - #IranProtests, 3rd day, Dec 30: Protesters take down the sign of "#Basij", an #IRGC organisation.

#Mashhad, 3rd day of #IranProtests: Protesters appear to set a police motorcycle on fire.

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