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Jan 3, 2018, 8 tweets

Official statement of Prince Crown Reza #Pahlavi about #IranProtests in @ManotoTV:
"For 40 yrs, Islamic regime controlled Iran by lie & spent wealth of people for its goals such as export of Islamic revolution, Iranians are protesting this, this is their right."

Part.2: Reza #Pahlavi II statement on #IranProtests>
"Iranians have risen-up for their basic rights. We only want from the world to not stay silent like before. Especially the countries who claim are democratic. If they remain silent, they will have to answer oppressed Iranians"

Part.3: Reza #Pahlavi II statement on #IranProtests >>
"This is time for military & para-military forces such as Army & #IRGC to choose btw regime & people. People select regimes, not them. They must protect people not the regime which uses trucks to crush protesters to death".

Part.4: Reza #Pahlavi II statement on #IranProtests >>>
"There is No threat of dissolution, Iranians are together [#KSA support from terrorists/separatists is ineffective], because Kurds, Baluchs, & Azeris made most sacrifices for Iran when USSR invaded to separate Azarbaijan"

Part.5: Reza #Pahlavi II statement on #IranProtests >>
"What is the world waiting for? Are they waiting regime crush the people? They say that this is Iran's internal problems & not their business. This time people of Iran are asking you, are you with them or not? Make it clear"

Part.6: Reza #Pahlavi II statement on #IranProtests >>
"But my message to people is to not wait for world to join them. That's good if they join, but always count on yourself not them, & be sure you will win. Because the regime is scared of you, not the world."

Part.7: Reza #Pahlavi II statement on #IranProtests >>
"Resistance is the most important factor at this time. We do our best this until this movement reach its goal. I am with you [people] & be sure I will do my best outside of Iran to gain support of world for you."

Last night protesters printed statements of Reza #Pahlavi II about #IranProtests and spread across the cities. #IranProtests #FreeIran

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