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Jan 4, 2018, 25 tweets

Dear @FOXTV, please bring back #TheGrinder. It's not too late.

When you finish season 1 of #TheGrinder on @netflix, only to discover it was cancelled. Do the right thing @FOXTV.

Dear @FOXTV, everyone agrees -#TheGrinder must #grindagain.

I still can't believe #TheGrinder was cancelled. There's so much story left to tell. #savethegrinder

I wonder what Dean and Timothy are doing right now? @FOXTV, please bring back this television masterpiece. #TheGrinder

Dear @FOXTV, what will it take to bring back #TheGrinder? I think @HanaHayes is onboard...

Dear @FOXTV, I know #TheGrinder was cancelled...

Dear @FOXTV: please bring back #TheGrinder so I can learn which one's Rozz and which one's Landy. @WillGreenberg @matthobby

Thank you @JessicaRawden for writing this very important piece! @RobLowe is an international treasure and family television doesn't get better than #TheGrinder! amp.cinemablend.com/news/2407072/s…

#TheGrinder. Family television at it's best. Do the right thing, @FOXTV.

Great news @nbc. Now, please do the same for #TheGrinder!

Dear @FOXTV, what's going on with Joel Zadak these days? Please bring back #TheGrinder so we can find out. @Johnny_L0we

There's just so much more story to tell. Please @FOXTV, bring back #TheGrinder.

Dear @FOXTV, honestly, what will it take to bring back #TheGrinder?

I will never understand why @FOXTV cancelled this incredible show. Television comedy doesn't get better than #TheGrinder. Maybe we could have a spin-off about Mitch, Luke and the S.S. Inkspot?

I defy anyone to watch @RobLowe and @thefredsavage in ANY episode of #TheGrinder and not:
A) binge watch the full series;
B) question @FOXTV's decision to cancel such a GREAT show; and
C) toy with the idea of moving to Boise to start a family law firm.

If you're thinking about watching a hilarious, insightful, family friendly sitcom this #FathersDay, look no further than @RobLowe + @thefredsavage in #TheGrinder. After the pilot, you'll be asking yourself how @FOXTV could've ever cancelled such a fantastic show. Bring it back.

Don't try too hard to figure out why @FOXTV cancelled #TheGrinder, it does not make sense. #MAGA by bringing it back.

Dean would never give up on #TheGrinder, and neither should we. Please @FOXTV, give us another season.

Sitcoms don't get better than the Dean (@RobLowe) / Timothy story arc. Every second of screen time was priceless. Please @FOXTV, bring back #TheGrinder.

This is the role @RobLowe was meant to play. Do the right thing @FOXTV, bring back #TheGrinder.

Waiting for @FOXTV to engage with my #thread to save #TheGrinder like...

Saving #TheGrinder one new fan at a time. Thanks @natbot7, glad you like it!

Dear @FOXTV, cancelling #TheGrinder was a mistake but it's not too late. Bring this hilarious show back for another season, and let @RobLowe get back to what he does best...

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