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Jan 23, 2018, 28 tweets

#Netaji is known for his valor. Not as much for #GenderEquality & Statesmanship. This #tweetthread focuses on these two aspects of #SubhashChandraBose. 1/n

While Chacha #Nehru was busy doing, god-knows-what with his women… 2/n

#Netaji was building an army of women warriors… 3/n

Who used weapons and fought shoulder-to-shoulder with men 4/n

Here is #Netaji #Bose in Singapore with the All Women Regiment of #AzadHindFauj 5/n

The All Women’s Regiment was led by Lakshmi Sehgal ji; one of the bravest freedom fighters that is barely known 6/n

She lived on to her 90’s and passed away in UP a few years back 7/n

Interestingly, this was #Netaji’s house in Singapore… 8/n

Where a high-rise stands today... at 61 Meyer Road. 9/n

And this was #Netaji’s house thru the Yangon days 10/n

BTW I didn’t know #Netaji was on missions to China as well 11/n

Of course his tryst with Japan is legendary (in Tokyo in 1945) 12/n

Where he worked with the tallest leaders of their land (like Hideki Tojo) 13/n

Unfortunately, Japanese MSM has done more justice to #Netaji than Indian MSM did. 14/n

In Germany too, #Netaji connected with right from the top… 15/n

… to generals like Rommel… 16/n

… and the German army (SS) and #AzadHindFauj marched shoulder to shoulder. 17/n

With his sweat and blood, #Netaji made India a force to reckon with. 18/n

#Netaji had the guts to issue his own stamps and currency… 19/n

While independent India (under our favorite Chacha Nehru) continued to use the emperor’s photo. 20/n

Here’s the proclamation of independence that no one else had the guts to issue. 21/n

No wonder #Netaji #Bose had the love of people… 22/n

… and their admiration (Tashan to dekho…like a boss 😎). BTW, this is #Netaji entering the controversial 1938 Congress baithak. 23/n

So while #Nehru was busy doing his own thing; #Netaji was busy building India from the ground up. 24/n

No wonder the Nehru family sees his legacy as a threat.
Just look at both their body language to draw ur own conclusions. 25/n

And its up to US to keep his legacy alive.
So stop complaining and whining.
Go! Be a #KarmaYodhya! (end)

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