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Jan 30, 2018, 8 tweets

Graham Doddsville Winter 2018
Cooperman bashing Ackman ($ADT)
Sequoia on $GOOG, $CACC
Vulcan Value on $ORCL
Oasis on activism in Japan/China
Pitches: Staples 2025 bond, $FLT, $FDC…

Cooperman: don't talk about your shorts (we'll let the last sentence slide)

Cooperman: clear ex-ante expectations. Analysts won't take a loss by themselves

Cooperman: leave $ADT alone

Sequoia: don't stick your head into the sand. This is not the 70's and See's Candies better figure out their instagram strategy

Sequoia: before you even think about your information #edge make sure you're not the sucker buying based on a hot tip

Sequoia: the case for growth investing. Pleasant long-term surprises

Vulcan Value: pick quality (stability) over valuation

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