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Feb 8, 2018, 7 tweets

What day of #BlackHistoryMonth is #ObamaDay? Can we agree on the 15th? Then we can coast into #BlackPanther on a Love high.

I mean we *could* do the 19th since it's already Presidents Day? But he needs his own day.

A whole day where we can just be happy and proud of him.

Plus. The trolls will go insane. It's already Black history month and then they have to go through two back-to-back days of black Excellency just excellently Blacking?


Picture. President. Asterisk. His face will be red all day. Because you know the shit would trend on all platforms.

Trending Topics be like

1- #ObamaDay
2- President Barack Obama
3- #WeLoveMichelleToo
4- #BlackPantherEve

Ooo I'm bout to giggle myself to sleep!

LOL IDC what y'all do. I don't know why I'm phrasing this in the firm of a question.

Unless someone already planned a day? Next Thursday I'ma @BarackObama all day.

unroll please?

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