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Writer. Speaker. Founder. She/her #TinuSpeaks #DisabledBlackTalk @tinu@mastodon.social Back but not reading DMs/mutual aid tags.

Feb 9, 2018, 6 tweets

The amount of added pain I get when I go downstairs & heat up dinner so I can take meds...

Meds I can't take on an empty stomach. That cause weight gain. #Fibro

But if I wait, the timing of other meds will be off. So will my sleep. Weeks of cascading errors. #chronicpain

The agony is exhausting to the point that I'm not only no longer hungry, I'm nauseated.

By the time I recover my food will be cold as usual.


And I have to eat or this whole sad ass parade starts over.

So yeah. I hate my life. I hate food now, too, the one thing that was pleasing to me once a week.

And those are all #myspoons for this ridiculous day.

(Still not done with my new product either. So I'm still broke. Which also super awesome.)

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