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Feb 21, 2018, 18 tweets

A revelation is coming in 2018 that will involve several people including Don Henley, Bill and Hillary Clinton and more.
Our story begins long ago: Set the DeLorean time machine back to November 21, 1980.
#DCMadam #childtrafficking #greatawakening #qanon #karma

Our story begins.

This madam in question died a really suspicious death - google it.

Those implicated:
#1 Don Henley
#2 Irving Azoff
#3 David Geffen
#4 Stevie Nicks
#5 Lindsey Buckingham
#6 Deborah Jeane Palfrey
#7 Natalie Wood
#8 Bill Clinton
#9 Hillary Clinton

If you're keeping up with this story ...the reveal (lawsuits) looks like coming late spring or early summer!

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