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Proud LEO wife & daughter of an Army Ranger ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #MAGA #2A Stomp on my flag, I will stomp on your ass. #WWG1WA Parler@MichDeplorable

Mar 2, 2018, 76 tweets

Here it is y'all, it is the Trump Train.


Make sure to follow all Patriots from Cars 1 – Caboose, then RT

I do not add anyone to this train without being asked to, or given permission.

Please do not hijack my hard work as your own!! Lot of that happening.

Holy cow, I live out in the country and my signal was giving me fits. Took forever to tweet the train today. Sorry y'all. 😥😑😘😉😂

This is a prime example of Twitter deleting tweets. I try to retweet to rethread it.

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