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Mar 3, 2018, 25 tweets

🗝(1) “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
For over a year we’ve been bombarded with rhetoric about #Russia #NorthKorea and #Iran yet no one seems to remember Clinton/Gore but we should, it’s important.

(2) #ClintonGore ran in 92’ consciously ignoring foreign policy and there’s no doubt America had war fatigue. Gore’s slogan was “it’s the economy stupid” and when they won despite the #ColdWar having just ended both of them barely even mentioned #Russia

(3) #ClintonGore inherited a political dream of sorts. For the first time #Russia was eager and willing to work with America they were cooperating across the spectrum and agreements with Bush Sr. were in place to reduce nuclear arsenals by 66% Democracy was at its most popular.

(4) Though things had initially looked hopeful Yeltsin began to make rash decisions including the infamous tank bombardment that ended with him illegally dissolving Parliament. Clinton, determined to make things work stood by him saying he would’ve done the same #Russia

(5) The reason #Clinton stood resolute with #Yeltsin would be revealed years later. Behind the scenes, completely in secret the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commision had been formed. Though now remembered by the Left as transparent it was anything but that.

(6) Transcripts from #Clinton and #Yeltsin reveal that all Nuclear talk was pushed to the #GC Clinton seemed to brag about how much he was helping #Russia he felt our troops working together would make them both good, the two were determined to help each other #Collusion 🙄

(7) When Yeltsin mentioned selling reactors to #Iran Clinton again tabled the issue for Gore to handle with his invisible-to-Congress committee #GC He was obsessed with solving #NorthKorea and his bright idea was KEDO true to form he ended the talk complimenting young women 🙄

(8) #KEDO was a $5 billion dollar plan to build #DPRK two LWR power plants paid for mostly by #SouthKorea with #Japan and the U.S picking up the rest. From the start it was absurd because it didn’t demand anything from #NorthKorea it just hoped for it.

(9) In a mortifying #foreignpolicy move #Clinton ignored any previous agreements that were made with #NorthKorea and failed to demand even basic inspections when DPRK complained he blamed #SouthKorea who had already agreed to pay 65% #KEDO

(10) #KEDO included providing billions in Oil and Food supplies #NorthKorea would accept the supplies and blatantly continue to develop its #Nuclear power every-time they got mad #Clinton gave more Japan backed out in 1998 when #DPRK flew a missile over them amid talks.

(11) Meanwhile #Clinton and #Yeltsin would meet again Russia had chosen not to participate in #KEDO but Boris used it as fodder to defend his reactor sales with #Iran he wisely mentioned our billions in trade and trained scientists in Iran🧐 Again it was tabled for Gore..

(12) The most glaring part of the #ClintonYeltsin discussion though was their absolute commitment to help each other get re-elected. They both agreed on ways to make the other look good and crafted responses for the press #RussiaCollusion #RussiaGate

(13) Clinton kept true to this promise in 96 a leaked memo showed he wanted #Yeltsin re-elected and didn’t want anything done that would have a negative impact on #Russia Congress was outraged but in retaliation Willy opened an investigation on the leak #RussiaCollusion

(14) #BillClinton personally launched a plan to RIG THE ELECTION IN RUSSIA paying men to go to there under the guise of flat-screen TV salesmen 🤦🏼‍♀️ These SPIES conducted focus groups then #Yeltsin ran averts based on their findings because Boris was despised #RussiaGate

(15) #Clinton strategized with the TV salesmen using code words and had weekly meetings he shared with #Yeltsin the $10 billion “loan” was even obvious to press. The man opposing Boris? His largest backer was Putin🤯 But Clinton’s plan worked. #RussiaGate #RiggedElection

(16) WHY did Clinton rig election? He and Gore were up for re-election AND the precious #GC agreement needed to be kept. Al was obsessed with Chernomydin so much so that when #CIA delivered negative reports he hand wrote “BULL SHIT” on top of it #RussiaGate

(17) The #GC commission was supposed to be about the space station.. but as we’ve learned it encompassed much more. In fact #Gore made secret deals with #Russia he took orders from #Chernomyrdin to not speak with Congress about #Iran nuclear deals #RussiaCollusion

(18) In their second term the billions America had pumped into #Russia would have devastating effects. Despite British intel alerting us to money laundering #ClintonGore turned a blind eye, organized crime would absorb HALF of Russia’s economy #RussiaGate

(19) In 1998 Russia’s economy completely collapsed the ordinary people of #Russia would be left penniless and millions of senior citizens would be completely cut off it would be worse than the Great Depression while #Yeltsin was no saint #ClintonGore fingerprints remained.

(20) The Clinton administration failed to put any emphasis on free enterprise, unlike the plans implemented with past countries post war. Amazingly in documents released between Clinton and Blair, he KNEW they had no control of the money that kept flooding into the country.

(21) How did it all end? #Iran would get it’s nuclear power #Clinton had handed the most important opportunities of diplomacy to his VP who operated in secret #KEDO would be defunded by Bush Jr. but not before a few more #ForeignPolicy failures and millions more to #DPRK

(22) #AlGore walked away with untold amounts of agreements in oil, gas and coal many of which are unknown to this day #BillClinton would form exceptionally close relationships with many important people in #Russia.

(23) #Russia would return to much of what it was like in the Cold War, with trust lost in the U.S #Putin would turn to China to help the economy, later he would pull out from weapons treaties the strained relationship with #NATO would end in 2014 #ThanksClinton

(24) So YES an election was completely manipulated but we did it and YES #Putin probably did want to cause chaos maybe it wasn’t for a candidate maybe it was for revenge. @realDonaldTrump was right, Russia is laughing #RussiaGate #ClintonGore

(25) The real #RussiaGate 🌳 Fin.

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