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“Radical Right=Radical Left=Radically Wrong.” Disinformation betrays all who fought for freedom #IAmJohnBrown #GunOwnerForGunReform #TrickleUp #StumpARepublican

Mar 3, 2018, 6 tweets

1/ Understanding gun laws: The #DefaultProceed or "Charleston Loophole"

The #NRA killed Brady Bill's provision buyers complete full background check before getting the gun. With NRAs "instant" background check system, if FBI can't complete review within 3 days, you get the gun!

2/ Understanding gun laws: "Gun show loophole"

Only licensed sellers have to run a background check. Per federal law, private sellers do not. Only 9 states and DC require background checks on private sales of all types of guns. #GunReformNow #MarchForOurLives

3/ Understanding gun laws: CAP Laws (Child Access Protection)

In 2015 & 2016, more toddlers killed Americans than terrorists. Kids accessed parents' guns & pulled the trigger, killing themselves or family. 21 states have no CAP laws to prosecute negligent parents.


4/ Understanding gun laws: Immunity for Gun Manufacturers

33 states protect manufacturers from liability. Unlike many products which have reduced deaths through safety improvements, guns are still produced without a manual safety latch to prevent a child from pulling a trigger

5/ Understanding gun laws: Federal Age Requirements

School shootings by AR-15 rifles are now commonplace. Few know, however, that federal law provides no minimum age for the possession of long rifles and ammunition.

#GunReformNow #MarchForOurLives #GunControlNow

6/ Understanding Gun Laws: "Straw Purchase"

Buying a gun for someone else. Illegal because they help criminals circumvent background checks.

The San Bernardino shooter got guns this way. The NRA fought to overturn the ban on straw purchases, but narrowly lost 5-4


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