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Mar 16, 2018, 7 tweets

Last week the Seanad approved a bill giving refugees and asylum seekers the right to family reunification, also known as chain migration. This will dramatically increase the number of migrants in #Ireland. #Lisdoonvarna #DirectProvision

The Justice Minister already has discretionary powers to permit family members of a refugee to be admitted, and the government (which opposes the Seanad bill) is currently implementing an alternative unification programme: FRHAP.

The International Protection Act 2017 (Family Reunification) will open Ireland up to chain migration more than other much bigger European countries. #Lisdoonvarna @DirectProvision

Minister for immigration warns of the effects an "open ended" increase in the population of asylum seekers will have on demand for housing and services.

The bill was midwifed by so-called "non government organisations" such as the Irish Refugee Council and Nasc. The influence of these charities is immense and of serious concern to Irish democracy. These are unelected special interests, unaccountable to the Irish people.

The most bizarre aspect of Ireland's unofficial NGO government is that while they're undermining gov policy they are highly dependent on government funds @cebyrne @MiriamOCal @kiliandoyle @lukeming @denise_denise @john_mcguirk @DavQuinn @JohnDeasyTD @JohnHalligan @mary_butler_

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