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Mar 20, 2018, 6 tweets

Supported by #Hamas, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are preparing for a "great return march", a mass march to Israel's border on March 30 "to make the world aware of the right of Palestinians to return to their houses". The march is coordinated with prominent Islamists abroad.

On March 13, 2018, #Hamas' al-Ra'i news agency issued a short video calling on the Gazan people to join the "great return march" that would be held on March 30, 2018

One of the international activists involved in media preparations for the "great return march" is Zaher Birawi, a UK-based #MuslimBrotherhood activist, and a.o. director of the PRC (!/PRC) and head of the London-based EuroPal Forum (!/EPF):

Islamist activist Zaher Birawi provided a stage for activity planned in the Gaza Strip on the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated al-Hiwar TV channel (!/AHTV) where he is program director. He interviewed
Issam Hamad, one of the organizers of the "great return march":

Furthermore, Zaher Birawi said that during the second half of May 2018, close to the 70th anniversary of the nakba, preparations would begin for a number of ships to sail to the Gaza Strip to "break the siege." Birawi has been involved in several similar campaigns in the past.

In an interview with a #Hamas newspaper, Zaher Birawi once admitted that the flotilla projects to the Gaza Strip are not intended to “break the siege” and bring humanitarian aid, but rather to promote the battle for hearts and minds against #Israel

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